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Best Electric Bikes Under £1000

Best Electric Bikes Under £1000

Many of us are looking to more eco-friendly forms of transport for both environmental and economical purposes, and one great alternative to driving everywhere is swapping out your car for an electric bike. Our pick of the best electric bikes under £1000 will hopefully entice you to make the switch if you haven't already. 

Even if you're already an experienced cyclist, sometimes a normal pedal bike needs to be improved, especially if your someone who puts in regular miles every week. We've got you covered if you're looking for an electric bike but have been discouraged by high prices.

At this low budget price, there will be some compromises that we will explain in more detail in the Q&A section below our recommendations. Essentially, these compromises will be in the materials used for the frame, as well as the motor, gearing, and brakes. By buying refurbished, these compromises may not need to be made afterall.

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Budget electric bikes, the motors are generally less powerful and located in the wheel hub, unlike mid-motors in higher-end models. While they can still assist with uphill riding, they motor needs to be suitable for more challenging terrain or intense e-bike rides on trails. Expensive electric bikes may also have features such as hydraulic disc brakes and carbon frames.

Your gearing will be mechanical, not electric, and you'll likely have fewer gearing choices than on higher-end e-bikes. Under a grand, you're also likely to see the mechanical disc, rim or even v-brakes, which will be less powerful than hydraulic disc brakes, however they still provide a decent amount of stopping power.

Investing in a reliable e-bike is a wise decision that can benefit you in many ways. Not only can it save you money on petrol and public transportation, but it can also provide a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation. Choosing an e-bike you can trust, will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride every time.

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Our Top Picks Electric Bikes Under £1000

Pure Free City - £799

The Pure Free City bikes has a unisex classic look, inspired by Amsterdam bicycles, and boat a laid-back design with chunkier tyres, a steel fork and a low-step frame. This e-Bike provides the perfect combination of features for commuting, with a powerful 250w motor and three assistance levels capable of a 28 mile range and fully charged in under 6 hours.

Enjoy Your Commute With Pure Free City

range: 28 miles / 45 km top speed: 15.5mph weight: 21kg  motor power: 250w charge time: 6 hrs

Pure Free Step - £799

The Pure Free Step is based on the same design as the Pure Free City. Both men and women love it! Although all the promotional photos on Pure Electric's website feature a woman riding it, you can be sure that it looks amazing and stylish in any setting. The Pure Free Step has the same look and feel as the Pure Free City but it's white color and has an additional basket attached to the front.

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Riding Around Town With The Pure Free Step

range: 28 miles / 45 km  top speed: 15.5mph  weight: 21kg  motor power: 250w charge time: 6 hrs

Analog Motion AMX Le Classic - £699

The Analog Motion AMX is an advanced e-bike specifically designed to navigate the diverse terrain of urban cities. With its powerful performance, you can effortlessly conquer hills and experience the thrill of effortless motion.

Each AMX comes equipped with the latest battery, providing you with the confidence to travel up to 44km per battery charge. The battery is compact, about the same size as a water bottle, and can easily fit in a small bag or even a large jacket pocket.

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Analog Motion AMX Le Classic Electric Bike

range: 27 miles / 44 km top speed: 15.5mph weight: 16 kg motor power: 250w charge time: 4-5 hrs

Emu Classic / Roam Step Through - From £799

Emu is not new to the e-bike game, they have been around since 2014 and their range is researched, designed and made by some of the best e-bike specialists in the UK and Europe.

At Emu Bikes, they value tradition. You’ll notice that their electric bikes look like the bicycles we all know and love. We’ve taken our appreciation for the classical bike and reinvented it to enable you to make new memories. By incorporating the timeless style with modern technology, you can ride in style and retain your sense of freedom, so those hills (metaphorical or physical) feel easy.

Emu wants you to feel comfortable staying active and seeing the world in a way that complements your lifestyle. Instead of creating another run-of-the-mill e-bike. Many electric bikes on the market are expensive, and so they created an affordable e-bikes that meets the demands of your everyday exercise and mobility needs.

Emu Afforable E-Bikes

range: 30 - 50 miles / 48 - 80 km top speed: 15.5mph weight: 24 kg motor power: 250w charge time: 4-5 hrs

How To Choose an Electric Bikes Under £1,000

What is the best budget e-bike?

There is yet to be a definitive answer to this question, as the best budget electric bike for you will largely depend on what style of bike you were thinking of getting, as well as your idea of 'budget'.

If you were hoping to get an electric bike for under £1000, our selection above is a great starting point; bikes have risen in price in recent times, therefore your money, in general, gets you less, but with a refurbished bike from Moose, you can get a higher specification of an e-bike for your money.

We've chosen the Raleigh Array as the best current e-bike under a grand at the time of writing because it ticks many boxes.

Is an electric bike worth buying?

Consider an electric bike for easier and more efficient cycling. Electric bikes are great for improving fitness, extending range, and commuting without arriving tired or sweaty. Although they can be expensive, they're more affordable to maintain than cars. They are practical for short trips in urban areas. Many people choose electric bikes for economic and environmental reasons.

What are the UK laws for e-bikes?

In the UK, e-bikes are legally restricted to assisted speeds of up to 15.5mph (25km/h) and 250 watts of motor power, and they won't move unless you pedal them. Suppose you want to ride a more powerful e-bike in the UK. In that case, you'll either need to get it taxed and registered as a motorbike or ride it exclusively on private land.

With the pedal assist, you should find riding uphill much easier and more manageable, which is great news. Even with the restrictions, with the power from your legs, you can still ride a fair bit faster than 15.5mph; it's just that the motor will cut out when you reach that speed. Therefore, the main restriction is your legs.

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Is an electric bike safe?

You'll be glad to know there is no throttle on a road-legal electric bike in the UK or Europe that meets EAPC rules, as we've explained in the answer above this one.

All of the bikes that made our list are UK road-legal. It's generally wise to refrain from tampering with your motor or allowing anyone else to derestrict your bike's motor power and top speed. This will compromise the safety, and there's a chance your bike could end up being seized by the police unless you get it licenced and insured: you technically need a number plate and a moped licence to use e-bikes on public roads if they don't meet the requirements to be an EAPC bike.

There are plenty of affordable e-bikes, as you'll find in our top picks above, so it isn't worth the risk. The same goes for batteries: buying cheap e-bike batteries from certain auction websites can end badly. They can be made incorrectly or catch fire and have devastating consequences, so try to avoid charging your e-bike overnight, only use the charging cable provided and don't be tempted to retrofit very cheap parts to your bike.

What is a good first electric bike?

The best first electric bike would be a refurbished bike. Not only are you being environmentally friendly, but you are also purchasing a bike from a reputable brand with the best specs available on your budget.

We hope our pick of the best electric bikes under £1000 is a useful list! With Moose, you also have our 30-day returns included so that you can try out your bike. This means if an electric bike might not be for you as it may not suit your riding habits or needs, you can return the bike.

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