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New vs Refurbished Electric Bikes Guide

New vs Refurbished Electric Bikes Guide

Buying a refurbished e-bike is usually cheaper, more considerate for the environment and still serves the purpose. It costs more money while allowing for more colour and option selection flexibility. Buying a new e-bike brings peace of mind with the manufacturer's warranty.

While purchasing an Electric Bike, many people are caught between deciding whether to buy a refurbished one or a new one. There are actually a few different choices to make.

This blog compares the pros and cons of investing in a refurbished e-bike rather than a brand-spanking new one!

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Moose Electric Bike Mechanic

What do we mean by a 'Refurbished' E-bike?

We distribute two types of bikes at Moose: new, and refurbished.

A new bike is self-explanatory; it's straight from the box into your possession.

A refurbished e-bike is a bike which has received a detailed analysis of by professional bike mechanics.These step allows them to verify that there is no structural damage on the frame, the motor or the battery. They proceeds to either repair or replace mechanical parts which requires attention.

By diagnosing the motor, battery and electronics this allows them to determine if there are any error codes or updates needs to processed. This means a refurbished bike will be sold to you "as good as new" condition. Most refurbished bikes come with a warranty and a return policy if it's not quite suitable for your needs.

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What Do We Mean By Refurbished?

Pros & Cons of Buying a Refurbished E-Bike

The Pros

The Cheaper Alternative

E-bikes are a lot of things. They're sustainably transforming urban transport, innovative, and taking the world by storm. However, one thing is that they are costly.

Refurbished electric bikes can save you money in the long run, in addition to the initial cost savings. Investing in a good quality e-bike is crucial; however, this can be done without purchasing a new e-bike straight from its box. This is for a good reason. E-bikes are investments built to last years and get you around town safely and efficiently.

Because they are pre-owned, they have already undergone the break-in period, meaning the battery and motor have already been conditioned. This can extend the battery and motor life, saving you money on future repairs and replacements.

For a good quality e-bike, you can expect to pay between £1,500 and £4,000. Why spend this much and still have to wait months, or even longer, for a new e-bike when you can get your hands instantaneously on a quality e-bike for much less?


Not only is buying a refurbished e-bike a more affordable option, but it is also a sustainable choice.They have undergone a rigorous inspection by professional mechanics to ensure they are in excellent working condition. This means you can expect the same level of quality and performance as a new electric bike but at a lower cost.

A bonus with buying refurbished e-bikes is that you may get extra features, depending on whether the previous owner has upgraded any of the parts on the bike.

The market offers a variety of high-quality, serviced, and even improved e-bikes that can be put back on the road, benefiting the environment. Opting for refurbished e-bikes instead of purchasing new ones is a more environmentally conscious decision. Don't let a top-notch bike go to waste in a landfill.

Good Refurbishers Make Better Bikes

When you get a refurbished bike from companies like us at Moose, you can ensure your bike is in "good as new" condition.

Businesses like Moose also offer you the option to test your bike and examine its structure and maintenance. Moose provides a 30-day return policy. This allows you to try the bike out and ensure the bike works well with your lifestyle.

Finally, you'll be eligible for a warranty when you purchase your bike from a trustworthy and reliable business. This will give you added peace of mind that your bike is covered should something go wrong.

Purchasing Power

Secondhand electric bikes have more choices for prospective buyers to choose from. For instance, a refurbished electric bike might be your best option if you love an older e-bike model and the manufacturer has stopped production.

The Cons

Cosmetic Wear & Tear

Most Electric Bikes do not last longer than new ones, especially if they are older models for 4 - 5 years ago. The technology may be insufficient, or not able to be updated. 

The bike may of picked up some cosmetic damage from regular use over the years, which may hurt the aesthetics of the bike.

Limited Availability

Depending on the size of your budget, there will be limited e-bike options are up for grabs in the market, especially if you are looking for a specific model.

The refurbished e-bike may be the model you are looking for. However, you may have to forgo the e-bike's colour; when found, it's usually 1 of 1, so the bike may not be there the next time you visit.

Don't Overlook The Battery

Although they make up a small percentage of the overall bike hardware, the battery key separates your e-bike from its conventional counterpart, getting it up and running. You need to ensure the battery has been properly conditioned or even replaced; many refurbished bikes would already have this part checked by a bike expert.

Brand new bikes gives you peace of midn with manufacturer's warranty

Pros & Cons of Buying a New E-Bike?

The Pros

Prestine Condition

Everything is new, you’re the one who uses it for the first time. You can assembly the bike and set it up for your riding preference.

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Purchasing a new e-bike will provide peace of mind as it comes with a manufacturer's warranty and is still in pristine condition. The warranty will cover any issues related to the motor, wear and tear, or other problems. Moreover, you can expect fewer maintenance and repair needs after buying a new e-bike in the coming years.

Multiple Colours & Advanced Features

New e-bikes are packed with advanced features that enhance your user experience and boost your productivity. With cutting-edge technology, these e-bikes can cover more distance and offer improved safety measures. Unlike refurbished e-bikes, new e-bikes come in various options to suit your needs. You can choose any colour that suits your taste and style.

The Cons

Higher Costs & Depreciation

Typically, buying a new electric bike is much more expensive than buying a refurbished one. Additionally, the value of a new e-bike starts to decrease as soon as it's taken out of the store. Therefore, if you plan to sell or upgrade in the future, a brand new electric bike will lose its value quicker.

Limited Customisation

New bikes come as standard from manufacturer. All modifications, and upgrades would need to personalise the bike will need to be paid on top of the original price of the bike. A refurbished bike may have an upgrade provided by the previous owner which suits your own preference, saving you money. 

Delays In Manufacturing

Generally, there is always more variety when searching through refurbished bikes. However if you are lookign for a specific model in mind, there could be a long wait for the model to be manufactured, especially if its a popular size. 

Pros & Cons Buying Refurbished vs Buying New


Choosing between a used and a new model for any type of goods that you would like to purchase can be challenging.

Go for a refurbished E-bike

Trust refurbished specialists who have their own dedicated team of bike mechanics. They would have verified and checked all the bikes sold are safe and ready to ride. This is a great alternative if you have a limited budget. From a good refurbisher you will be provided with aftercare, a limited warranty and a return policy if the bike doesnt suit your needs.

Go for a new E-bike

You have budget flexibility and are willing to try the latest e-biking technologies. Go for a new e-bike if you want to choose your options, have a specific colour, and have peace of mind with the manufacturer's warranty.

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Our Moose Guarantee

The Moose Guarantee

Every bike showcased on our online store has been provided with a 90+ point check to ensure optimal safety and comfort for our riders. From testing the bikes' electricals, lights, brakes, wheels, and chains to their treads, every aspect from the ground up is checked before you ride!

After you buy one of our world-class refurbished bikes,our friendly team of experts are readily available and on call should you need support or advice anytime.

Finally, Moose provides a 6-month warranty to ensure your bike is up to scratch. If you don't fall head over heels with your newly purchased bike, you can also return it for free within 30 days of its initial purchase date.

From everyday commuters to mountain bikes, we constantly have new stock coming and going from our store daily.

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