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Moose Reviews: Pure Free City & Free Step Electric Bikes

Moose Reviews: Pure Free City & Free Step Electric Bikes

Hot on the rear wheels of the excellent, sporty Pure Flux One, here come the Pure Electric Pure Free City and Pure Free Step. In this review, we will take a closer look at the design, performance, and range of these two e-Bikes. One of them even has a basket on the front, a very underrated feature.

They're electric hybrid bikes with 250w motors and a low step or step-through frame. Rather than having to swing your leg over a traditional crossbar to mount these Pure Electric e-Bikes, you quite literally 'step through' the frame.

The differences between the two models are that one has a basket and is white – that's the Pure Free Step – and one does not have a basket and is black – the Pure Free City.

City Commuters from Pure

In theory, they should be as reliable and simple as the Pure Flux One. In fact, they should be even more stress-free, thanks to the additional accessories, including mudguards, luggage pannier racks and integrated lights. Pure Electric adds that the Step also has 'the most relaxed' riding position of any of their bikes. Still, the City is hardly set up like their Pure Flux One predecessor.

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Design & Specification

The first thing to notice is that the Pure Free City and the Free Step specifications are practical. Plain, old-fashioned styling inspired by bicycles in Amsterdam. They both have a laid-back charm to them. In true hybrid fashion, they both have a 'go anywhere' design with chunky tyres, steel forks and low-step frame. They have everything a commuter would expect from a city e-Bike.

Unlike Pure Electric's debut e-Bike, which had the Gates carbon one gear drive, both these have seven-speed gearing. The 250W motor with three assistance levels will accelerate similarly, but because these bikes are considerably heavier – 23 kg to the Flux One's 17 kg – the battery and motor have had an overhaul. As a result, you get a longer maximum range – up to 28 miles compared to 25 miles. Both charge in under 6 hours. We recommend keeping an eye on the handlebar-mounted battery gauge, as these will be hard to pedal unassisted.

Pure Hybrid Electric Bikes - The Free Step and Free City

Pure Free City

Firstly we have the Pure Free City. It is a unisex design, although all Pure Electric's promo photos have a male model riding it. You can tell by looking at it that it's going to be comfortable to ride, with a relaxed riding position. The e-Bike was built for cruising, perfect as the UK legal, electrically-assisted maximum speed is 15.5mph (25kph).

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There are seven gears on these bikes, so you can gear down and give yourself some pedal assistance to get going before encountering an intimidating hill whilst holidaying on the coast. The bike's weight suggests it could struggle on steeper hills from a standing start. However, the power it's more than adequate for 99% of scenarios.

The frame is made of high-quality aluminium alloy. Designed to be a workhorse, the Free City has a chain guard and built-in mudguards, perfect to keep your clothes muck-free. There's a pannier rack on the back for your luggage too, and an addition of a kickstand plus built-in front and rear lights. You're getting a lot more for your money on this bike than the Pure Flux One.

Comfort is boosted by a pillowy Selle Royal saddle and 'ergonomic' handlebars. Finally, the bike has been fitted with high-quality tyres to provide excellent grip in all weather. As a result, this bike should be perfect for those new to owning an eBike or returning to cycling after many years.

Pure Free City Electric Bike

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Pure Free Step

Next is the Pure Free Step? It's another unisex design. However, all of Pure Electric's promotional photos feature the Free Step being ridden by a woman.

At a glance, it looks amazing in any setting. To the untrained eye looks exactly the same as Pure Free City except white and with the added addition of a basket attached to the front. Both the Pure Free City and the Pure Free Step are available on our website, and we offer a 6 months warranty on all our e-bikes.

Pure Free Step Electric Bike

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This latest offering from Pure Electric doesn't bring anything new or fancy. Pure has aimed one at men and one at women; however, both have similar designs and can be described as unisex. If this is preferred, you can remove the basket from the Pure Free Step.

The experiences on these bikes are more for the relaxed adventurer or leisure rider. On the main streets of Bristol, the stability and reliability made us feel safe and contented. Both of these e-Bikes have a smaller battery than others on the market. However, they come with integrated lights, mudguards and a luggage rack. Accessories you may need to purchase additional with other e-Bikes.

You can buy a cheap electric hybrid bike from eBay and Amazon, which has an abundance of different shapes, sizes, and battery power. By purchasing a Pure Electric e-Bike from us, you get peace of mind that our after-sales support will be on hand to help with your queries – something not always available from the hordes of e-bikes available from the big e-commerce platforms.

We would consider the Pure Free City or Free Step if we were in the market for a cheap hybrid e-Bike. They are a perfect all-around city commuters with their traditional simple, modern step-through design and proven hub motor technology.

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