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Pure Air Gen 1

Moose Reviews: Pure Air Gen 1 Electric Scooter

Electric scooters have exploded in popularity in recent years; now, they're a bit like cars because there's something for everyone at any price point.

That's great if variety is what you're after; however, it can all be a bit overwhelming for a beginner looking at e-scooters. Sometimes you just want to know that your choice will be good for your needs and reliable without breaking the bank.

The Pure Air is, in fact, that scooter. With superb construction and all of the features you'll need to get started on an electric scooter at a great price, this is ideal for someone starting out. So, what makes it so exceptional?

Let's have a look.

Pure Air Gen 1 in Situ

shop pure air gen 1

The Basics

Pure Air is a reasonably typical commuter electric scooter. It does the elementary stuff very well, so while you won't get the fancy toys or the specialist parts of a high-end or off-road scooter, it's an excellent choice for getting around town. The best part of this package is the build quality, which is solid, sturdy, and hard to break, something you'll be very grateful for in the long term.

The sturdy design is also great for beginners because it results in a grippy deck, easy-to-use handlebars and rubber tyres, so there's less danger of you mishandling it as you can with less user-friendly designs.

There are a few downsides, most notably performance on hills and a few less convenient features here and there; however, on balance, it's hard to find a scooter out there that's excellent value for money for what it does.

Pure Air E-Scooter Commuting


Drill down a bit deeper into the performance of the Pure Air; there are a few pleasant surprises to be had here too. The top speed is 25kph, which is as fast as you can legally go in the UK on an electric scooter. You can also select one of several power modes which reduce the top speed in exchange for exceptional battery life.

Speaking of the battery. The average battery life comes with one distinct advantage: the recharge time is just 4.5 hours. Even on the lowest power level, the maximum range is 30 kilometres, which isn't massive compared with the bigger tourers, but enough for the average city user commuting a few miles at most.

Pure Air Riding Along


As for ergonomics, the Pure Air's single brake and bell are located within easy reach of the left grip, with a small display panel situated in the middle of the handlebar. The scooter is also equipped with a 1W front light as standard, which is super bright for night time riding.

As for the folding mechanism, the method is slightly different to other e-scooters we've tested. Thankfully, it's pretty straightforward and requires minimal effort. To fold it up, you first need to unscrew the circular U-clamp above the front wheel and fold the stem inwards. You then attach the silver ring on the front of the handlebar to hook on the rear wheel. When folded, Pure Air's dimensions are car-boot-friendly, 116 x 50 x 51cm.

Finally, we were also pleased to see that this scooter is IP-65 dust and water-resistant, which can be a big concern if you're riding regularly in the UK. This doesn't mean it is waterproof, and the manufacturer advises that you shouldn't get the scooter wet if you can avoid it. The design can protect it from splashes and light rain. Just don't go out in too many unexpected downpours.

Pure Air Foldable & Portable


Another benefit of the Pure Air Gen 1 is its LCD display, which can sometimes be missing in the entry-level market. The display is neatly fitted onto the top of the stem between the handlebars.

It's relatively simple; however, it does the job, showing your speed and battery life. There's also an app to accompany the scooter. This is a nice bonus and functions as a manual and a comprehensive dashboard for your scooter.

It'll tell you stuff about the scooter, like how much mileage it has on it, and provide recommendations for maintenance and repair. It will also inform you about how far you've progressed in your journey, how much range you have left, and even how much CO2 you've saved by going electric.

Pure Air E-Scooter Display

Ride quality

That combination of a higher weight and good build quality means that the Pure Air Gen 1 is the perfect electric scooter for people using smooth, flat roads. In those conditions, it excels it's like riding on a cloud. It has excellent suspension and brakes; handling bumps and dips with ease.

Pure Air's 10" pneumatic tyres are great for tackling various surface textures, even achieving decent traction on wet grass, which other scooters struggle with. The riding experience is smooth, unlike other rival e-scooters, which often use solid rubber tyres; amplifying bumps.

Pure Air 10" Tyres

Value for money

We think this is an attractive entry-level scooter. The performance for light to moderate users is more than adequate to provide what they need. While that means you won't get some of the bells and whistles that you might get with the top-end models, everything you get is perfect for someone just starting out.

Even better, you get some tech thrown in with the Pure Air Gen 1, most notably the app, which isn't always standard on budget-level scooters.

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Pure Air Gen 1 Value For Money


The Pure Air Gen 1 is excellent value for your money. You get a lot of features and quality that are usually only found in scooters that are much more expensive. The Pure Air Gen 1 should definitely be at the top of your list if you're looking for a short-range commuter or city scooter. It has a smooth ride quality, high top speed, and acceleration.

Plus, the average battery life is perfect – just 4.5 hours to recharge – and foldable too! If you're looking for your first electric scooter, the Pure Air Gen 1 should be a consideration. Available in Black or Grey. 

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