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The Best Electric Scooter Available Now in the UK

The Best Electric Scooter Available Now in the UK

When choosing the perfect electric scooter for you, it's easy to think they're all the same. In terms of design, there are definitely similarities between models. However, You'll notice variations in top speed, mileage, charge time, weight, maximum load and even features like water resistance and security.

Electric scooters have grown in popularity as people seek ways to avoid crowded public transport and the rising cost of living. However, we must caution riding a privately owned electric scooter on UK roads is currently illegal.

What's the best electric scooter on the market? We take a look at the contenders, and below is a comprehensive buyer's guide, ironing out any concerns you might have before purchasing.

Xiaomi Pro 2 - Best All Round

Price from: £329

If there's one electric scooter brand we trust, it's Xiaomi. The company made one of the most popular e-scooter to date, the Xiaomi M365. Xiaomi has also delivered spectacular results with the new generation of e-scooters - the 1S and our favourite model - The Xiaomi Pro 2. You'll find that the Xiaomi Pro 2 is a tough electric scooter to beat when it comes to build quality, price and features.

It provides a fantastic range of 28 miles per charge, meaning you can go on several trips without charging the scooter. Its 14.2kg weight makes it easier to carry than any of Pure Air's offerings. The 8.5" pneumatic tyres provide a firm grip on any surface. The best feature we love is the cruise control, which lets you take your hand off the accelerator throttle. The only downside is that you cannot ride in wet weather, and it only accommodates a maximum rider weight of 100kg.


Xiaomi Pro 2

shop xiaomi pro 2

range: 28 miles; top speed: 15.5mph; e-scooter weight: 14.2kg; maximum rider weight: 100kg; charge time: 8hrs 30mins; motor power: 300W

Pure Air Go - Best Budget Scooter

Price from: £269

You won't find another electric scooter with similar features costing twice as much very often. The Pure Air Go does just that. This is Pure Electric new budget scooter. It has the same features as its siblings, including class-leading IP65 water resistance, up to 120kg maximum weight for riders, and super-comfortable 10" puncture-resistant pneumatic tyres.

However, there must be a trade-off at this price range, which comes in motor wattage and battery capacity. Its 350w doesn't feel slow unless you've ridden a scooter with a 500w motor. The battery life may be an issue, especially if you ride it at maximum speed for long periods. That said, you'll have to compromise on something. Suppose you only intend to use it for short distances and are OK with charging it regularly. In that case, you'll discover it's well worth the money.

 Pure Air Go Electric Scooter

shop pure air go

range: 12.4 miles; top speed: 15.5mph; e-scooter weight: 16kg; maximum rider weight: 120kg; charge time: 3hrs 30mins; motor power: 350W

Reid E4 Plus - Best Scooter With Solid Tyres

price from: £289

The majority of electric scooters today have solid wheels. Even though they provide significant benefits like never having to worry about a puncture. We are hesitant to wholeheartedly recommend them. Solid rubber wheels do not guarantee a smooth ride compared to pneumatic tyres, such as those on the Pure Air and Xiaomi ranges.

The Reid E4 Plus is the first electric scooter with actual rubber wheels that we've found to be a genuine pleasure to ride, thanks to its brilliant 10" wheels with "in-cellular" tyres. These tyres have holes in the rims designed to absorb and negate any additional impact. We also appreciated the scooter's underdeck lights, which pulse various hues.


Reid E4 Plus Electric Scooter

shop reid e4 plus

range: 17 miles; top speed: 15mph; e-scooter weight: 14kg; maximum rider weight: 100kg; charge time: 5 hrs; motor power: 350W

Pure Air Pro LR - Best Range Scooter

Price from: £609

The latest release from Pure is it's most recent LR means "long-range," so it's good to see that the scooter lives up to its name, with a range of 37 miles on a single charge. It's also one of the most expensive e-scooters on our list. However, it's well worth it if you hate charging your e-scooter infrequently or worry about your battery dying halfway through the journey.

The Pure Air Pro LR has two notable distinctions from its relatives. The Pure Air Pro LR has all of Pure Air's best characteristics, such as IP65 water resistance, maximum rider weight of 120kg, and comfy 10" pneumatic tyres. It has a maximum motor wattage of 700W, offering improved acceleration and climbing performance than all other Pure Air models. It also features an advanced design with a new skateboard-like deck, which we adore.


Pure Air Pro LR

shop pure air pro lr

range: 37.2 miles; top speed: 15.5mph; e-scooter weight: 17.5kg; maximum rider weight: 120kg; charge time: 9hrs 30mins; motor power: 500W

Pure Air - Best Overall Scooter

Price from: £269

Pure Air is a fantastic electric scooter that we can't highly recommend enough. After last year's debut, the second generation of this e-scooter received some much-needed improvements, including a bigger 500W motor that delivers greater acceleration and climbing power. The scooter boasts IP65 water resistance, making it suitable for British weather. It has a maximum load capacity of 120kg, which is 20kg greater than the average e-scooter on this list.

In terms of features, the latest model offers app compatibility, so you can lock your scooter if you need to leave it unattended for a few minutes. This scooter is a joy to ride due to its 10" pneumatic puncture-resistant tyres, guaranteeing a pleasant trip on any surface.

Pure Air Gen 2 Electric Scooter

shop pure air gen 1

range: 18.6 miles; top speed: 15.5mph; e-scooter weight: 17kg; maximum rider weight: 120kg; charge time: 5hrs 30mins; motor power: 500W

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Choosing the best electric scooter for you?

Choosing an electric scooter isn't easy. There is also some legality to consider before buying. The following section should help you decide which electric scooter suits your needs and whether you feel comfortable buying one. We'll start off with the UK laws surrounding electric scooters.

Are e-scooters legal?

Private electric scooters are classified as "personal light electric vehicles" in the UK. If caught riding one on roads or pavements, you could be fined and receive six points on your driving license. However, this situation may change, with the UK Government saying that expanding the legal use of e-scooters will be a priority in 2022.

Do you require a helmet when riding an e-scooter?

Electric scooters are simple to transport and control; however, it's crucial to be cautious while riding them. Electric scooters may be handled relatively easily, yet it's preferable to be safe than sorry. When riding a hire e-scooter in the UK, wearing a helmet is not essential, but we always advise doing so.

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Before you start riding your e-scooter, follow these guidelines:

It is pretty simple to operate an electric scooter. If you've never ridden one before, their rapid speed and agility might take some time. Get a feel of your electric scooter for around an hour in a quiet place before utilizing it in any congested area.

Examining all of the electric scooters' features. Pay particular attention to how much pressure is on the throttle to accelerate. Test the brakes to know when to slow down or stop. It's a good habit while always riding to keep your fingers on the brake, so you don't lose control of your electric scooter.

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