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Gifting Guide: The Best Electric Scooter for Christmas 2022

Gifting Guide: The Best Electric Scooter for Christmas 2022

For many, Christmas is a time for giving friends and family gifts. Locating the perfect gift can be a headache, however, have you wonder about giving the gift of transportation? 

Electric scooters make great Christmas presents because they are low cost, easy to use and there's one for every age and ability. This could be a challenge as you might have to go through an overwhelming array of choices to find something suitable. 

Electric scooters come in various forms, with different feature sets, depending on your budget and the need of your recipient. Since Christmas is around the corner, we will examine what you should consider when selecting an e-scooter and some of our best e-scooter to gift this year, and what to consider when buying one.


The range of an electric scooter is how far you can ride it before the battery runs out. This is important because if the battery runs out, using it manually may damage the electrical components, depending on the type of scooter.

We recommend scoping out the journey of your gift recipient, whether it's a quick shopping trip or a commute through town, there's a lot to consider. This could be different terrains, hills or they encounter a lot of traffic on their route.

Note: Please do not believe the ranges quoted by the manufacturers because they are usually achieved under controlled conditions.

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Weight and Foldability

The weight of an e-scooter is essential if your recipient has to carry the scooter to and from locations. Or if they are catching another means of transport. In these cases, it mustn't be too heavy, or the scooter will be abandoned after the novelty has worn off and fatigue sets in.

You would do well to get an e-scooter that can fold. Some models fold at the bottom of the stem, while others do so at the handlebar. In the same way, if your recipient has limited storage space at home or at work, this would be something to think about.

Tyre type

Electric scooters have either solid tyres or air-filled tyres. While the former does not require much maintenance as solid tyres do not puncture, they are only comfortable on smooth tarmac roads. Air tyres are better when the rider uses less-than-perfect roads or goes across different terrains.


This is the most crucial factor, as you must work within your budget. Electric scooters can start from around £300 for adults and £100 for children. However, remember that the cheaper the e-scooter, the fewer features you will receive.

Take what the recipient they need into consideration, and buy the best scooter you can within your price range. We have a free e-scooter maintenance guide, to help with the longevity of the e-scooter. It will save them money in the long run too.

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We selected some electric scooters that we think are the best e-scooters to give this Christmas, depending on age and abilities.

Razor E100 - Suitable for Children Age 8+

Price from: £119

As a Parents' Choice Award winner, the Razor E100 electric scooter is ideal if you want kids' electric scooters. It was designed for ages 8 and up and built with a kid-sized deck and frame.

The Razor E100 is an excellent option for beginners. It is straightforward to use, safe to ride, gives your child 40 minutes of fun ride time, and comes in a selection of different colours.

Razor E100 Children Electric Scooter

range: 7 miles; top speed: 10mph; e-scooter weight: 13kg; maximum rider weight: 55kg; charge time: 8hrs; motor power: 100w

shop razor e100 

Xiaomi Essential - Suitable for Age 16+

Price from: £269

The Essential is designed for people who want to keep it light and easy. It uses a low-density, high-strength aerospace-grade aluminium alloy, so the vehicle's weight is only 12kg.

Thanks to the ingenious structural design, the Xiaomi Essential can be folded in only 3 seconds. At a folded height of just 49cm, the vehicle is compact and takes up less space, making it easy to carry.

Make your Xiaomi Essential weatherproof with our new waterproof service.

Xiaomi Essential Electric Scooter

range: 12.4 miles; top speed: 15.5mph; e-scooter weight: 12kg; maximum rider weight: 100kg; charge time: 8hrs; motor power: 250w

shop xiaomi essential

Bird One - Suitable for Age 16+ 

Price from: £349

Bird One is stylish and robust, with smart management. The scooter rocks a pair of semi-solid pneumatic tyres that are puncture-proof as a halfway house for comfort and reliability. The robust motor, powered by an efficient battery, delivers fantastic performance in both speed and range. 

Bird One Electric Scooter

range: 25 miles; top speed: 18mph; e-scooter weight: 17.5kg; maximum rider weight: 100kg; charge time: 8hrs; motor power: 500w

shop bird one

Pure Air Go - Suitable for Age 16+ 

Price from: £439

Perhaps the best point is the Pure Air’s reliable and sturdy build - it has good suspension, large wheels, and easy-to-grip handles so you’ll feel safe riding it. Built for real life, Pure electric scooters are ideal for the e-scooter rider that wants to ride come rain or shine, wherever the terrain takes them.

It's fast to charge and easy to use too, making it great for people who are looking for their first electric scooter.

Pure Air Gen 2 Electric Scooter

range: 12.4 miles; top speed: 15.5mph; e-scooter weight: 17kg; maximum rider weight: 120kg; charge time: 8hrs; motor power: 350w

shop pure air go 

8tev B12 Proxi - Suitable for Age 18+

Price from: £579

The perfect city commuter vehicle with enough range and speed to get you where you need to go. Featuring an intuitive, stable steering geometry and a robust yet resilient frame, integrating an advanced battery and drive train technology to ensure the ultimate ride every time. If you are looking for the next generation of scooter technology, look no further.

8tev B12 Proxi Electric Scooter

range: 13.6 miles; top speed: 15.5mph; e-scooter weight: 16kg; maximum rider weight: 120kg; charge time: 8hrs; motor power: 500w

shop 8tev b12 proxi


These are great gifts for someone who would love some independency or find other modes of transport unreliable. We know many people are shopping around and spreading the cost of Christmas this year as times are tough. Through the live chat, we have several payment options through our checkout, and our team is happy to assist with your purchase.

Once you've received your scooter, we recommend giving the scooter a quick once over. Check tyres and pressures, charge the scooter for over 8 hours before use, and ensure it performs as it should before wrapping it up for the big day. This will help eliminate headaches on the day and not being able to get in contact with our team.

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