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The Best Essential Electric Scooter Accessories

The Best Essential Electric Scooter Accessories

Your electric scooter has just arrived. Naturally, you're eager to hop on and give it a go. However, before you do so, make sure you have the best e-scooter accessories on hand to make riding safer and more enjoyable.

e-scooter lock

Abus ultra 410 d-lock & cable

From the moment you set eyes on your e-scooter, it  becomes your pride and joy. So, you’ll want to protect it from harm.

Most electric scooters are designed to be folded up, making it easy to store them in a safe place. This isn’t always possible, so using an electric scooter lock is the easiest way to keep them safe and secure.

Compact and easy to carry, the abus ultra 410 d-lock & cable is the ideal entry level u-lock. It's simple design conceals a number of high-tech advancements in security. The hardened steel lock is matched with a 120mm cable for locking additional scooters and components. Anti-picking features will leave any would-be thieves thwarted.

Plus, a rubber coating prevents the metal lock from scratching paintwork, protecting your e-scooter in every imaginable way.

e-scooter helmet

Hardnutz Street Helmet

To a certain point, a helmet is not just an accessory but a necessity for anyone riding an e-scooter. It should be the first thing you buy when you have a scooter.

Some modern electric scooters can achieve speeds of up to 75mph. A fall from such a speed may be fatal if you are not geared up. Worse is to get into an accident with larger vehicles without proper protection.

Accidents happen. A rider is at a more significant risk of serious injuries if involved in an accident without proper gear.

There are different types of helmets that you may want to consider. For starters, there are heavy-duty helmets similar to what motorcyclists wear, which we thoroughly recommend for scooters over 20mph. You can go for the lighter and collapsible helmets that are easy to carry and store, if your scooter is limited to 15.5mph.

We recommend the HardnutZ street helmet to enjoy maximum protection with their tough, ABS injection-moulded outer shell and impact-absorbing EPS inner liners. Multi-vented armour design, comfortable, and dial-fit adjusters.

Removable, washable padding ensures a snug, proper fit on both large and small heads. 

e-scooter tyres

xiaomi mi genuine portable battery charger

Cyclists, e-Scooter riders, and motorists can all agree that a puncture is the worst case scenario — especially when you don’t have the tools to fix it! Maintaining your scooter tyres should be a priority.

As fixing a puncture is difficult, Moose offer the service of changing your inner tubes for you.

If you are confident changing tyres yourself, you’ll need to make sure you have spare inner tubes. Always remember to keep at least two spares in case the unthinkable double puncture occurs.

You'll also need a pump. The giyo handpump is lightweight and compact, making it an ideal traveling companion, and has an accurate gauge so that you can easily measure tyre pressure. Why not keep a Xiaomi mi genuine portable battery charger at work or at home?

To prevent punctures even further, you can even add puncture protection liquid to inner tubes. Coating the inside of inner tubes with the liquid will protect against punctures up to 3mm deep.

e-scooter carry strap

e-scooter carry strap

E-scooters have been designed to be convenient. Most electric scooters fold up, so they can be carried on transportation. However, it can sometimes be challenging to get a solid grip when holding an e-scooter or can be uncomfortable.

The E-Scooter Carry Shoulder Strap is an excellent option if you've been dealing with these problems. Carrying e-scooters is a practical solution, thanks to the strap, which is compatible with most e-scooters up to 25kg.

phone holder

gub electric scooter phone holder

You may want to use your phone when riding to navigate and track your scooter stats, but this could cause an accident.

Most people realise this only after trying to ride an electric scooter one-handed; this is virtually impossible and could cause serious injury.

We strongly recommend the GUB phone holder to keep your phone secure and your hands safely on the handlebars. The GUB has two orientations, portrait and landscape, to help position your phone better whilst riding.

With this, you are able to track your electric scooter battery life, trip stats with your phone and free to navigate safely around your neighbourhood. Suitable for all scooters except the Ninebot-Segway, and Bird models

clothing for riding

If you're riding your e-scooter daily, you'll need the correct clothing to keep you warm. We strongly advise against riding in the rain, as some scooters are only splash resistant and not waterproof. Please see your scooter user manual for details. 

Whilst we advise against this, you may still encounter the British weather, and require suitable attire. We recommend wearing a lightweight and adaptable waterproof jacket for colder days.

We advise you to pair any jacket with cycling-specific trousers. Doing so will make your ride more comfortable, whilst protecting your normal clothes from dirt.

That concludes our list of e-scooter accessories, but remember that they're only essential items. You'll find a variety of additional scooter accessories that can add to the fun of your ride through here: scooter accessories.

Legal warning:
It is currently illegal to ride a privately owned e-scooter on a public road, pavement, cycle lane or bridleway. The law states that you can only ride privately owned e-scooters on private land with the landowner's permission.

Customers should be aware that if they use a private e-scooter illegally. They could face a fine and penalty points on their license, and the e-scooter could be impounded or confiscated.


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