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Essential Electric Scooter Maintenance Guide

Essential Electric Scooter Maintenance Guide

Looking for some advice on how to maintain your new electric scooter? You're in luck! We've compiled the best products and methods that will help you keep riding for longer.

Maintaining a scooter like this can be tricky, but luckily we've got all of these easy-to follow steps, so keep reading - it's time well spent!


Ninebot Segway Electric Scooter BatteryTaking care of your battery will help to extend the lifespan and keep your e-scooter moving. But what causes a battery to deteriorate in the first place?

Well, the majority of electric scooters feature a lithium-ion battery, and this will start to deteriorate over time due to the endless cycle of charging and discharging. Temperature can also have an impact on battery life, both in terms of when you’re using your scooter and when it’s safely tucked away for the night.

avoid draining the battery completely

First, try to avoid completely draining your battery to 0%. This is what’s known as a ‘cycle’ and the more cycles your battery goes through, the less effective it becomes. Put your battery on to charge when it still has power and you’ll be prolonging its lifespan.

avoid extreme temperatures

Secondly, if you can, try to avoid storing your electric scooter in a location that is subjected to extreme heat or cold. Using your scooter in these temperatures might result in a loss of performance.

Maximize Your E-Scooter Battery Life


Keep an eye on your tyres for any issues, and make sure they're at the right pressure. You should check them every week or two weeks depending upon how often you ride, especially if your scooter has air-filled tyres. 

tyre pressure

Electric Scooter Tyre PressuresUnderinflated tires are at greater risk of punctures, have a weaker grip and can cause excessive wear on the inner tube. Before every ride you should check your tyre pressures to make sure they’re set correctly- it could save you money on replacement tyres. 

puncture prevention

Picking up some puncture protection fluid to help you avoid getting punctures is also a good idea. When a hole forms, this liquid spreads to the puncture, creating an immediate permanent seal, minimizing any loss of pressure and allowing you to continue on your travels.

Tyre puncture protection fluid is a cost-effective way of extending the life of your tyres.

tyre tread

Now let's look at tyre tread, which affects both air-filled tyres and solid composite tyres. Considering how your tyres are the main contact point between your e-scooter and the road, it's not surprising that they're going to pick up some wear and tear over time.

There's not a huge amount you can do to prevent this, so you just need to keep an eye on your tyres and be prepared to replace them when needed, particularly if your scooter has a foot brake.


The brakes are arguably the most essential element of your e-scooter to maintain in good working order. All electric scooters have various braking systems, so be sure to consult your user handbook for specific information and suggestions on how to keep them in excellent operating condition.

On a regular basis, it's a good idea to check your brakes, particularly if you have disc brakes. The pads on disc brakes will wear down over time and need to be changed; while the discs themselves may require adjustment from time to time.

General tips

Another important aspect of scooter maintenance is to clean your scooter, regularly. Taking the time to give your scooter a wipe down once in a while will help to prevent dirt and grime build-up. Use a wet cloth rather than a bucket of water and a sponge, or you'll risk causing water damage.

Another general point is don’t use your electric scooter in poor weather. As we’ve already mentioned, extreme temperatures can affect battery performance, while rain can cause damage. Add in the risks to you, the rider, in poor weather and you’re better off staying at home.


Unlike most retailers, at Moose we cover all warranties ourselves! This means that we can get your e-scooter repaired/replaced significantly quicker than other retailers that have to jump through multiple hoops to get your product back to the original manufacturer which could take weeks!

What’s not covered under the warranty:

- Water damage (don’t ride in the rain or through puddles that can cause water damage to internal parts)

- Damage caused by misuse (e.g. crash damage)

- Damage caused by usage outside of the recommended or intended use, for example, usage by someone over the recommend weight (100kg)

- E-scooters that have been altered or modified from the manufacturer’s original specifications

- Maintenance of consumable parts such as inner tubes, tyres and brake pads

If you experience any problems while your scooter is under warranty, please contact the customer service team at, so that they can diagnose the issue.

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