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How do I maximise my scooters range?

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 Whether you’re going long distances or simply want to get the most out of your scooter, the range of a scooter becomes extremely important. These key points below could really help you:

Ride in the optimal mode and speed for maximum range 

To get the most out of your scooter, it is always best to use the mode which is optimal for getting the most range with your scooter. This usually tends to be the Eco or power saving mode. To access these modes, it does vary scooter by scooter, but the most common way to access them is to double click on the power button until you get the setting you want (you will see the changes appearing on the dashboard.

Make sure you have no unnecessary electronics on 

The faster the battery gets drained, the less range you will get. Just like a phone, make sure your bluetooth is turned off, and if you’re not riding during the night, make sure your lights are turned off. That way, your battery only needs to worry about your scooter running.

Clean your scooter 

You may be wondering how on earth cleaning your scooter can maximise your scooters range, but it can have a huge effect! Having a dirty scooter can cause unnecessary debris to get on, and in, your wheels.

Reduce the weight the scooter has to carry 

Travel light! Wearing a backpack or something heavy can weigh the scooter down. An increase of a few km to your scooter may not sound much but every little helps! Please note: We always recommend to wear the necessary safety equipment such as your helmet.

Inflate the tires 

The less inflated a tire is, the more of its surface touches the ground when riding. That results in more friction your scooter has against the ground. That, in turn, results in less energy efficiency, which results in more battery power used to cover the same distance, which results in less range. 

Make sure the brakes are not too tight or cause friction 

Make sure your brakes are properly set. To find out, try spinning the wheels manually and see if any unnecessary friction occurs. If it does, loosen up your brakes a little and try again. 

Make sure your battery is charged 

The most important factor that determines the range you will get is the battery. The faster the battery gets drained, the less range you will get.