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electric bike maintenance guide - how to look after your ebike

It’s no secret that things work better if you maintain them, and whether that means washing the fluff collector in your washing machine or oiling a squeaky hinge, it can also mean bigger problems down the line if you don’t. Exactly the same is true of an electric bike, and they’ll give you years of loyal service if you look after them, but there can be problems if you’re sloppy. So what are the best things to do to make sure your e-bike is fighting fit and ready to go? Let’s take a look.

Keep it clean

Believe it or not, washing a vehicle is about more than showing it off to the neighbours! One of the biggest culprits when it comes to damage to your electric bicycle is dirt and grime getting where it shouldn’t, which can damage everything from your drive train to your tyres. Allowing your chain or sprockets to get caked in dirt can cause your gears to skip, and in the long term it can even take teeth off them or jam up the chain entirely. Likewise, small stones can get washed into the tyre rim and cause punctures if left unchecked. The best solution to this is simply to give your electric bike a good wash down after you use it, and to make sure you lubricate the chain every so often to keep it running smoothly.

Keep an eye on it

While the vast majority of electric bikes are sturdy and well built enough to take on the elements, even the best parts have a shelf life, and eventually some of the bits and pieces need to be replaced. Everything from the forks to the chain and the pedals will need to be replaced eventually, but it can help to make sure everything is in working order regularly so you don’t have a parts failure mid-ride. Checking your tyres for wear and tear is a must, and any bulging or bald patches on them are signs that you’ll need a replacement. Nuts and bolts can be worn loose with regular riding, so it’s important you make sure these are tightened regularly so nothing falls off. Finally, keeping your chain lubricated and checking it for damage is necessary to make sure it keeps working well.

Look after your battery

The battery is the one major part that electric bikes have and push bikes don’t, so it’s the one really big difference in terms of maintenance. You shouldn’t have to do much physically with your battery, and you should never try to open it yourself, but just looking after it day to day is enough to keep it running. One thing to remember is that both over charging it and under charging it can cause damage over time, so ideally you shouldn’t leave it empty for long periods and nor should you keep it plugged in when it’s charged. Ideally, your battery should be somewhere between 20% and 80% full at all times for optimum lifespan. You should also try to keep your battery out of extreme temperatures, like a freezing night or direct sunlight in mid-summer, which can also stop it working properly.

On the brakes

Another difference between push bikes and electric bicycles is the braking system, which tends to be sturdier and more frequently used in electric bikes because of the higher speeds. Keeping your brake pads clean can both increase the lifespan of the brakes themselves and increase your range, because grit stuck between the pads and the wheel can slow you down and damage the brakes’ surface. This means you’ll get a higher performance from brakes and bike, and you’ll have to spend less on new pads over time.

Trust the experts

If you’re worried about the health of your future e-bike and you’d like some reassurance, buying one of our amazing refurbished electric bikes from Moose means your new ride is guaranteed to have been thoroughly quality checked before you buy it. We’ll find and fix any dodgy bits, so all you have to do is look after it when it’s in your care, no hidden bills on the horizon!