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The 6 rules of your e-scooters battery life

How Far Can An Electric Scooter Go On One Charge

One of the most important parts of an electric scooter is its battery and just like any other vehicle, it requires proper care and maintenance. Most manufacturers indicate that after around 500 battery cycles, your battery will lose its quality and won’t be as powerful as before – though, do not fret, there are a few ways in which you can significantly look after your scooter so it performs the best it possibly can! Every scooter sold on Moose has had the battery extensively tested with a full cell health report to ensure that they meet our stringent requirements before being sold.

To prolong the life of your e-scooter battery, follow these 6 easy steps:

Rule 1 – Keep your electric scooter’s battery charged

To maintain battery life, one of the best things you can do is avoid totally depleting your scooter’s battery before charging. Always make sure it is minimum 10% charged. We also recommend you charge your scooter’s battery regularly and do not leave it discharged for a long time, this will definitely help you to prolong its life.


Rule 2 – Charge your electric scooter’s battery at the right time

You can charge your electric scooter straight after a short ride. If you had a long ride, give it about 30 minutes to cool down and then charge it. Do not leave your electric scooter with a significantly discharged battery for a few hours. Charge it promptly.  

Rule 3 - Charge your electric scooter before storing it.

When you store your electric scooter for a long period, make sure the battery is at least 40-50 % charged. It is advisable to charge your scooter a minimum of once per 30 days. Leaving your scooter for about 3 months without charge will cause battery damage.


Rule 4 – Always use the appropriate original charger that fits your battery.

A charger is a significantly cheaper spare part than the battery so don’t risk it and just use the original charger that you are sure is designed for your electric scooter. If you're struggling to find a charger, we do stock Xiaomi and Ninebot chargers. Please contact Pure Electric if you need to source a replacement charger for your Pure scooter as they are only available directly from the manufacturer.


Rule 5 – Keep your scooter and your scooter’s battery in a dry environment with optimal temperature.

Do not leave your electric scooter in the freezing cold or under the sun in the middle of a sunny day. Keep the battery dry. Negative environmental conditions can damage the battery.


Rule 6 – NEVER charge, uncharge, use or store a damaged or puffy battery.

Polymer lithium batteries used in the majority of modern electric scooters are very powerful and have to be treated with extreme caution. Unappropriated charging, damage or overheating can result in a fire. Do not leave your electric scooter to charge overnight. It is strongly recommended to supervise the electric scooter while it is charging and avoid battery over-charging. Do not use, charge or leave a damaged battery unattended and follow the disposal protocols immediately.

By following these rules, you can be sure to prolong the lifespan of your scooter up to 2-3 years+! All you have to do is just regularly plug it in and always keep it well-charged.