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refurbished bird scooters

Bird's scooters are precision engineered to perfection. Their Bird One electric scooter provides a truly premium, reliable, and stylish e-scooting experience. The Bird Air takes inspiration from the One, it comes with added lightweight features and added folding portability to make travel with it a breeze.


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    bird air electric scooter
    bird air electric scooter
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bird electric scooters

Bird is an American scooter rental and manufacturing company that was one of the driving forces behind putting the electric scooter on the map for most people, thanks to its international city rental business. Bird were one of a couple of companies to create the rental hubs that are now ubiquitous in European capitals and major American cities, but like those big fluffy towels they have at hotels, they soon discovered there was an appetite for people to own their scooters themselves. So is there a reason why you might want to take that rental to the next step, and have one of these sitting on your drive? Let’s take a look. 

More about Bird 
Despite making that step into scooter retailing, Bird is still very much a scooter rental franchise, and all of the positives to be found in their own brand scooter range can be traced back to that fact. Anyone can rent a scooter, no matter how competent at riding it they may be, so there are a few things a Bird scooter needs to be: Easy to use, long range, exceptionally sturdy and with good app integration to make it easy to rent. And just like magic, those are all the qualities you can find in the Bird electric scooter range. 

Bird scooters are pretty stylish, appearing sleek and classy in a range of colours, but all those clean lines and smooth finishes are cover for how bloody tough these scooters are. Putting it frankly they have to be designed to survive renters driving them like they stole them, and that’s exactly what you get with a Bird scooter, with tough metal and plastic on every surface with nary a loose wire or rattling part to be found. They can shrug off being dropped and scuffed in the knockabout world of the daily commute, while a basic level of waterproofing means you can use them fine in light rain without voiding the warranty. So they’re tough, but what else is there to catch your eye? Let’s take a look at a couple of the biggest models. 

Bird One 
The Bird One was the first retail scooter that Bird launched, and lives up to all the selling points we have already mentioned. The design is cool looking and sleek while also being extremely simple and strong, because there’s not much to go wrong, and because it doesn’t fold up this design does away with one of the main weak points in most scooters: the folding stem. This means it feels very sturdy even at speed, while it’s also very easy to use. There is no display and only one speed setting, so it really is as simple as an accelerator and a brake, with any more complicated controls like lights and locking being controlled via the companion app. 

Speaking of speed, as well as strength and simplicity the third big positive about the Bird One is its performance, which is up there with the best in its class. A 29kph top speed and a 40km range can be squeezed out of its 300W motor, which is torque heavy and powerful enough to manage hills without any problems that might faze similar rivals. Just like the rental version you might already know, the Bird One is basically plug and play, making it really simple to use. 

Bird Air 
One big criticism of the Bird One is that it doesn’t fold up, making it hard to carry on public transport or in your car, which is why the brand released a new model called the Bird Air. As the name implies, this model is lighter and easy to carry than the Bird One and it can fold up too, weighing in at just 13.6kg that makes it one of the lighter scooters on the market. While this means it doesn’t boast quite the same performance statistics as its bigger brother, with a top speed of 25kph and a range of 25km, it is also more affordable than the Bird One, especially when you opt for a refurbished model from Moose! 

Despite all that, the rest of the Bird Air’s design and build is very similar to that robust, sturdy look that we loved in the One, with simple controls and hard-to-break construction making it really easy to use and take care of. It can also carry the same weight as the One, with a decent limit of 100kg, thanks to its light and strong aluminium frame and features the same smartphone app to control the functions, such as the front and rear LED lights. Designed more for the short distance city commuter finishing off that last mile from the bus or train to the office, this smaller scooter still manages to pack a big punch that we think you’ll love!