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    walberg egret e10 v3 48v electric scooter
    Walberg Egret 10 V3
    350W / stable ride / 10inch tyres
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electric scooters

One of the best reasons to own an Electric Scooter is the sheer variety available when it comes to brands, and the models within those brands. In comparison with cars and other forms of transportation, E-scooters come in all shapes and sizes and with loads of options, so there really is the perfect scooter for you out there. It gets even better when you buy from Moose, because all our scooters have been refurbished by the pros with a guarantee of quality, so you can get a nearly new top of the range Electric Scooter for way less cash than you thought.

An amazing range
A lot of people think that scooters are all basically the same, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Just like the car market, the escooter market has its top of the range luxury brands, its crazy off-road brands, its cheap and cheerful economy brands and its middle of the road workhorse brands. And you’ll find them all here at Moose.
Are you the kind of person for whom only the best is good enough? Check out the incredible selection of Inokim and Walberg scooters that we have! You won’t be spending chump change on any of these models, but you won’t find any higher quality or better designed electric scooters on the market. Sturdy and high performance with head turning design and the latest technology, these models are the top of the line.

But while the cool kids are messing around with their luxury escooters, most scooter users are the average commuter or recreational rider that just needs good design and performance at a sensible price. If that’s more your bag, then our selection of Xiaomi, Pure and Ninebot Segway escooters should be more than enough to find your ride. Representing a big chunk of the market, these brands have everything from light and portable commuters to long range tourers available at a range of price points, so if you need to lug it around a busy capital city, run an average trip to the office, or get from A to B on rural roads, you’ll be well served.
Want to get the most out of your money? Not everyone wants an electric scooter as an alternative to a car, and for some people a reliable ride to do the last mile is all that’s required. In that case, a lightweight and cost effective model from SoFlow or Bird is an excellent alternative, and both brands manage to pack a load of tech and performance into a light and cheap scooter that won’t let you down.

Pure Electric Scooters
So, let’s take a closer look at two of our best-selling brands. Pure has the advantage of being a British brand, meaning its models are all tweaked with British conditions in mind, a nice way of saying that they can handle rain and mud with ease. Parked squarely in the middle of the market, Pure’s e-scooters are all sealed and waterproof where many brands’ aren’t, and there are enough models available that you can find anything you need: Lightweight, cheaper and portable all the way up to sleek and more expensive commuter vehicles.

Xiaomi Mi Electric scooters
It’s the official best-selling brand in the world, and it’s easy to see why, because Xiaomi has a truly enormous range. Where most brands have a couple of scooters in each category, Xiaomi has something available in just about every power, tech or weight category you can imagine, making it easy to find what you need. As a smartphone brand, Xiaomi have also got a great range of tech integration systems too, so you can monitor your scooter on your smartphone and even lock it remotely, something even some of the luxury brands can’t do.