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Refurbished Kids Electric Scooters

Browse our range of kids electric scooters that are perfect for the younger thrill-seekers. Children's make the perfect birthday or Christmas gifts and are ideal for getting out and enjoying the outdoors. Browse our range of Razor kids scooters today!

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2 products
  • -49%
    razor power a2 electric scooter
    razor power a2 electric scooter
    40 mins battery / 10mph / lightweight & durable
    £270 £159
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  • -56%
    razor e-prime air electric scooter
    razor e-prime air electric scooter
    250W / ultra lightweight / 15 mph top speed
    £499 £219
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Electric scooters are a great way to travel for adults looking for a cheap, convenient, safe and environmentally friendly way to get about, but did you know they also make amazing gifts for kids too? Generations of kids have enjoyed adventures and invaluable bonding time thanks to their push bikes, and the electric scooter is just the next step in a tradition that helps build everything from motor skills and self reliance to awesome memories and social bonds that will set them up for life. So what are the benefits of electric scooters for kids, and what should you watch out for?  

It’s good for their bodies  
Every parent wants to see their kids having fun and adventures in the great outdoors rather than hunched over a phone or video game, but with options for socialising and hanging out online always increasing in variety, it’s sometimes hard to achieve. An electric scooter is an alternative that promotes all kinds of amazing benefits for your kids’ development including reflexes, balance, muscle strength and plain physical activity that they wouldn’t get if they were hanging out indoors. It also teaches them valuable soft skills like how to maintain and look after their scooter, as well as how to persevere when learning to ride and master it.  

It helps their social skills  
While electric scooters are primarily a way of getting about for adults, for kids they can be a great focal point for meeting up and hanging out offline and out of the house. With long life batteries and high performance motors, kids can rely on their scooters to last long enough to enjoy a day out with their friends without running out of juice, while they won’t tire easily because they’ll be using the motor rather than their legs. Electric scooters are also smaller and more compact, so they’re flexible enough to be used in places push bikes can’t be.  

Safe and easy to use  
Purpose built kids electric scooters are designed to be less capable than adult versions to help keep your kids safe, so they can’t hit the same top speeds or high ranges as their adult counterparts. They also tend to be smaller for all but the oldest children, so they’re much easier to assemble and pack down into smaller spaces like a car boot if they need to be transported. This also means that your kids can look after their own scooters much more easily, fixing punctures and swapping out parts themselves as and when they need to.  

Affordable fun  
Another great thing about electric scooters is that they’re a really affordable option, even in comparison to equivalent push bikes, for getting your kids out and about. That’s especially true when you buy an approved, refurbished scooter from Moose, where you can find the biggest brands and the latest models with serious reductions of more than 50% in some cases!  

What to look for  
Kids’ scooters come in just as large a variety as adult models do, so there are loads of options when it comes to choosing what’s best for your child. The first decision is regarding size, and while it can be difficult to keep up with your fast growing munchkins, each manufacturer provides a recommended age range you should stick to. However, some kids grow faster than others, and scooters also come rated for maximum weight as well, so you also need to pay attention there.  

Another good idea is to check the capabilities of the scooter you want to buy, and how it matches up with your child’s use. Are they mostly going to be using their scooter on paved or tarmac surfaces? It’s probably a good idea to get a harder wheeled model, which will be faster and smoother to ride, and may also come with other options such as cruise control. Electric scooters also come with wheels designed for rougher terrain such as grass or small bumps, with better grip and softer tyres, but also keep in mind that this may result in more punctures, so keep a repair kit handy!  

There are loads of options when it comes to choosing a scooters’ capabilities, so it’s a good idea to match your choice with your child’s capabilities. If they’re just starting out and getting to grips with the basics, it might be a good idea to choose a model with a lower top speed. The flip side of this is that this often balances out with a longer battery life, so they will have more time to enjoy and practice so they can get an upgrade! Some models are also easier to maintain than others and come without a chain or belt, which may be a better option for younger users.