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refrubished walberg scooters

Walberg Urban Electrics is a Hamburg-based manufacturer of foldable electric scooters.

They offer two models; the Egret and the Urban providing the right electric scooter for every application. There is something all their scooters have in common: The combination of safety and comfort. The combination of safe handling, stable folding mechanisms and reliable braking systems are the basis for unlimited driving pleasure!

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    walberg urban #hmbrg v2 electric scooter
    walberg urban #hmbrg v2 electric scooter
    350W / up to 30 km range / 10inch tyres
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walberg electric scooters

There are all kinds of scooters out there for all kinds of users, but most of them tend to be split nicely into entry, mid and premium level models depending on whether you need a last mile solution, a high performance cruiser or a bit of both. German brand Walberg Urban Electrics throws all of that out of the window with their top of the range scooters that focus on performance above all else. Think of these models as the Porsche of the scooter world, emphasising raw power and low weight over extra toys and gadgets to create the ultimate speed machine. 

More about Walberg Urban Electrics 
Walberg is more like a movement than a company, because they take electric scooters really, really seriously. As early as 2011 they saw electric scooters as the future of urban travel, and collaborated with major car manufacturers to create standards, establish franchises and servicing plans and influence the design of electric scooters everywhere. The result was a scooter brand designed to replace the car, not sit alongside it in its shadow, and focused on getting everything right by working with car makers to share ideas and research. The result is the most awarded scooter manufacturer in the world, known for producing models that are top quality in every single area. 

Walberg call this their rider first approach, and you can really see what they mean when you try one. Every pet peeve or wish you probably have based on other scooters you have tried is answered by Walberg’s models, and there’s not a part of these scooters that doesn’t feel like the best version of that part you’ve ever used, even if you’ve seen something like it before. To us, that shows a company that’s really done its homework, and opted for choices that make the most sense, not just ones that look the best or let them add a few quid to the price. 

Walberg Urban Electrics EGRET 
The EGRET is a top end scooter with a top end price tag, but if you were thinking that it doesn’t look all that special, then you’re missing the point. Walberg scooters aren’t for posing on, and instead of space age design the company has put all of their money into making sure that every bit of the scooter is functional and top of the range. This applies everywhere you look: The wheels are 10” and air filled for the best possible ride quality, the motor has a maximum output of 800W and can easily tackle inclines as well as flats, while that same motor can go 40km at a whopping 30km/h. You get front and rear disc braking for the highest safety standards, but the whole thing only weighs in at 17kg, so you get cruiser performance at a weight that’s not much more than a micro scooter, making it ideal for public transport. You also get front and rear lights, and a battery that charges fully in just four hours. 

See what we mean? You might say that there’s nothing in that list that other scooters don’t have, but you usually find that any one of these statistics is a major selling point for any other scooter. With the EGRET, that’s just a standard issue feature that goes alongside all its other industry leading features. The controls are also nice and simple to use, giving you the choice between five speed settings and displayed on a clear and simple display that clips to your handlebars and shows speed and battery life. While these numbers apply to the EGRET 48V scooter there are plenty of other options at other price points with greater or lesser capabilities, so you get lots of choice depending on what you need. 

Walberg Urban Electrics The Urban 
Another of Walberg’s best selling models is their series The Urban, which are named for cities in their native Germany like Berlin and Hamburg, and represent all of that great engineering and high quality but scaled down to something that the urban commuter might want. Recognising that your average last mile commuter doesn’t necessarily need top of the line performance, and certainly doesn’t want to pay for it, The Urban scales back some of those top line statistics and the price, but keeps all of that great build quality and the useful features. 

So what does that mean? Well you get all the same stuff that you do on the EGRET like the great weight, charging time, lights, brakes and control, but with a smaller 350W motor that has a reduced range of 30km. But don’t worry, because it’s also half the price (or less, if you buy a refurbished model from Moose!). Seen anything that takes your fancy? Why not take a look at the scooters above and see what we have in stock?