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Full UK warranty
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  • Well-ridden e-scooters have 1000km+ of use. The e-scooter functions just as it should but with moderate scratches & scuffs to the chassis
  • Good condition e-scooters have between 501-999km of use. These e-scooters have had moderate use with a fair few age-related marks throughout the e-scooter
  • Excellent condition e-scooters have between 100-499km of use. The e-scooter has small marks and scratches to the frame and chassis, and the tyres may have some slight wear
  • Like new condition e-scooters have between 0-99km of use. There is no damage or cosmetic issues and are presented as purchased.
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  • E-scooter model
  • Condition of e-scooter
  • Your main contact number
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Frequently asked questions

  • Selling your e-scooter can often e a stressful and difficult transaction. We are determined to change that for you! Our easy trade-in form, combined with our e-scooter experts, allows us to pay you top money for your e-scooter quickly, and provide you with peace of mind. The care and time we put into each e-scooter ensures that we offer a superior pre-owned product to your e-scooter's next owner, while making your transaction hassle-free.

  • Your quote will include two options for selling your e-scooter:

    • Store credit: The best choice if you are looking to trade-in your e-scooter in exchange for another e-scooter, or another product in general, from Moose.

    • Cash offer: The easiest way to turn your e-scooter into cash! Please note: your offer cannot be split across offer types, nor can it be changed once your item has been received.

We love electric scooters because they’re one of the most flexible kinds of transport out there. You can ride them with or without the electric motor, you can charge them at home or at work, you can carry them on the bus or the train and you can fold them up and store them in a bag if you want to. So, if e-scooters are so flexible, why shouldn’t it be super flexible to sell your electric scooter too? If you don’t need your escooter anymore, or you want to trade in your escooter for an even snazzier new ride, we’ve made it super quick and easy to get cash or credit without all the quibbling and fuss. Here's how it works.

Where to sell my escooter 
Don’t bother with time wasters and tyre kickers on social media, and definitely don’t go back in time and put an ad in a newspaper, just sell your escooter in 24 hours through our quick and easy online service! All you need to do is provide us with two photos and some basic details and you can sell your electric scooter faster than you can say ‘ghosted on Facebook’. 

How to sell my electric scooter 
Once you’ve sent us the details about your electric scooter, you’re in business. We’ll review your submission and get back to you within 24 hours – no messing about, no time wasters, no low-balling chancers, no effort, just a quick decision and a fair offer. There’s no pressure to say yes, and if you’d like to accept, you can ship your electric scooter to us absolutely free! It’s as easy as that. 

Electric scooter trade in or cash payment 
Once your electric scooter gets to us we’ll give it a quick inspection and check to make sure it matches your description, and once it’s passed you can choose to receive an instant cash payment or a trade-in. 

What kinds of electric scooters can I trade in? 
Here at Moose we have experience in buying, selling and refurbishing most of the biggest selling escooters on the market such as Ninebot Segway, Xiaomi, Pure Electric and many more. Just click on the ‘trade in’ button on any new scooter and we’ll let you know which models are available to trade in and how much credit we’ll give you towards your new purchase. Even better, the discount is ready to use as soon as you commit to sell us your electric scooter, so you can upgrade straight away! 

So what’s the catch? 
There’s no catch! We want it to be as easy and quick as possible for you to sell or upgrade your scooter, so you can buy and sell as easily as you can get around. We do perform some checks on your electric scooter when we receive it, and if it isn’t in the condition you specified you may be required to pay a surcharge. If you don’t send us your e-scooter and use the discount to buy a new scooter, you’ll need to pay us back the difference or we will pass your case on to a debt collection agency. If you’d like a safe, easy and great value way to sell your e-scooter or trade in your e-scooter, without the headache of trying to sell it privately, then come to Moose. We’re open, honest, friendly, and experienced, and we’ll always give you a good deal or a fair price.