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refurbished unagi scooters

The Unagi Model One E500  e-scooter is serious in nature yet still fun to ride. Built from high-grade carbon fibre, aluminium & magnesium alloy the Unagi bridges the gap between refined engineering and slick design. From the bespoke tyre design to the powerful in-house 250W motors, housed within the hubs of both wheels. 


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    unagi e500 electric scooter
    unagi e450 - matte black electric scooter

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unagi electric scooters

Unagi is a newcomer to the UK market in 2020, and it’s fair to say they made one heck of an entrance. Unagi is a Japanese word for a sort of eel, and we have to say that the space age design this range boasts does look pretty sleek and slippery, but the brand has higher ambitions than just looking good. They want nothing less than to, in their words, design the finest electric scooter on earth and liberate people from the tyranny of transport frustrations. If that means they want to build a cracking scooter that doesn’t break the bank, we’re all on board! So how did they do? Let’s take a look!

More about Unagi
We certainly can’t fault Unagi on their ambition, and the brand has spared no expense on build quality. The US based company takes a lot of inspiration from the same nation as their name, Japan, with cool and sleek design to be found all over every model in their range, which we don’t mind saying all look stunning. Even better, the materials themselves are all of the highest quality, with handlebars made from an exotic magnesium alloy and a body made out of carbon fibre that is the same as high end racing
bikes and sports cars.

This means that the whole Unagi range is exceptionally durable and lightweight, making it really easy to carry on your commute. In much the same way as you wouldn’t take your Jimmy Choos down the farm, this brand is an urban animal whose lightweight frames don’t stand up well to off-roading, but there’s never any doubt that each individual part is absolute top quality. So what are some of the biggest Unagi models to look out for? Let’s take a look. 

Unagi Model One E500
The name is the biggest clue, but in case you need it spelled out, the Unagi Model One was the first off their production line and is their flagship and only model so far. We’ve already covered the awesome materials they use to build every one of these, but we can’t stress enough how great the design is on the Model One. They’ve been called the Tesla of the scooter world, and it’s a great comparison, because the whole thing is made using sleek, clean lines and really high quality parts. Every bit of this scooter feels well made and solid while looking super futuristic, with a lovely display flush with the handle bars, powerful and high quality lights, and seamless joins between each bit of the folding parts. 

So it looks the business, but what about the performance? Well one thing we love about this scooter is that it’s got a lot of power, boasting two separate 250W motors. This makes is an exceptional hill climber, an area many scooter brands struggle with, which you can control by toggling between three power modes for maximum range which tops out at 25km. You also get the benefit of Unagi’s own special tyres, which are solid and puncture proof, but constructed of a squashy rubber material that provides natural suspension.

Quality over quantity is the Unagi way, which you can tell from the fact they only have one model, but what the Model One lacks in variety it makes up for in attention to detail. The Unagi is the only scooter on the market that can fold completely in just one motion, using a single button, something it does with typically well built and solid design. It also has variable brakes which engage harder the more forcefully you push, as well as a traditional friction brake you can operate with your foot, though the hand brake has the benefit of anti-lock for extra safety. We also can’t leave you without mentioning the paintwork, which has to be some of the best we’ve ever seen on a scooter, coming in four gorgeous looking colours with Unagi’s own anti-scuff and chip system to keep it looking great. It’s far from the cheapest scooter on the market, but definitely a case of getting what you pay for.