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Full UK warranty
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  • Well-ridden s have 1000km+ of use. The functions just as it should but with moderate scratches & scuffs to the chassis
  • Good condition s have between 501-999km of use. These s have had moderate use with a fair few age-related marks throughout the
  • Excellent condition s have between 100-499km of use. The has small marks and scratches to the frame and chassis, and the tyres may have some slight wear
  • Like new condition s have between 0-99km of use. There is no damage or cosmetic issues and are presented as purchased.

Electric bike ownership confirmation


hereby declare that I am the legal and rightful owner of the following electric bike:

I confirm that I have purchased this electric bike from a reputable retailer and that all payments have been made in full. I acknowledge that I have received the necessary paperwork and documentation for the electric bike, including any warranty information.

I understand that this electric bike is my property, and I am responsible for its maintenance, upkeep, and proper usage.

I declare that I have not sold, transferred, or given away the ownership of this electric bike to any other person or entity, and that I am the sole legal owner of this electric bike.

I hereby Trade Up Ltd. to store this information and use it for any necessary purposes related to my electric bike, and my trade-in request for my electric bike.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

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  • This is your initial offer. Your final price (which may vary) will be provided once we access the full details of your
  • Your offer is valid for 14 days only
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  • Your description and imagery match the condition of the we will receive
  • The comes with the charger
  • The hasn’t been reported stolen, and you are the current and sole owner of the
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Fill out the order form below to get your free trade-in kit. You will be able to schedule a pick-up when you receive your trade-in kit.

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A trade-in guide will be provided with your kit - follow the instructions to schedule pick up for your . The trade-in kit will arrive within 1-2 working days.

If you have any questions or issues, please get in touch with our team via our live chat.

Next steps

We now have your e-scooter trade-in request. Follow the next steps to help us safely receive your e-scooter.

Step 1. Order your free trade-in kit

Simply use the link below to order your free trade-in kit to package up your old ride

Step 2. Arrange a free collection
Make sure you have followed step 1 first
  1. Follow the button below (first make sure you've ordered your box and your None is safely packaged)
  2. Enter your Order number for the box (e.g 10100) and your email address
  3. Choose 'Other' as a reason for return and 'Exchange', stating 'MOOSE TRADE-IN' as the reason
Arrange collection
Your trade-in is complete

If you chose Store Credit, you will receive an email with your discount code.

If you chose Cash, we will get in touch shortly to send your cash to your bank account.

Error getting your valuation

Unfortunately we ran into an error when calculating your valuation. We are working as quickly as possible to rectify this issue.

If you want us to get in touch regarding a valuation, please send an email to trade-in@moose.co with the following information:

How to sell your in
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Step 1

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Step 3

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