next working day delivery available!
shop now, pay later.
next working day delivery available!
shop now, pay later.
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the new way to upgrade your scooter

Upgrading from your current scooter to a new scooter never easier. Trade-Up is the hassle & faff-free way to get your new scooter with a trade in discount as soon as the next day!

This revolutionary new way to trade in means that you can receive an instant valuation for your current scooter and get money off your new one today, without having to first send in your scooter to be assessed.

how it works
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step 1: 

Choose the scooter you would like to upgrade to and select 'trade in' to provide you with an instant valuation for your scooter.

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step 2: 

Get an instant discount on your order, your trade in offer will be deducted from the price of your new scooter.

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step 3: 

We'll send your new scooter immediately, you then send your old scooter to us us using a pre-paid postage service. It's really that simple!

why trade-up?

instant valuation:
Get an hassle-free valuation for your scooter and the cash value for it taken immediately off your new one!

no marketplace hassle:
Avoid the hassle and fees of photographing, listing, selling, and then posting your scooter if sold through a traditional marketplace

effortless shopping:
Get the scooter you want instantly with your trade in offer coming off the price of your new scooter. No hidden fees. No B.S!

trade-up faq's

how long does the trade in process take?

It's instant! Our revolutionary new trade up programme gives you an immediate valuation for your old scooter and the money comes straight off your new scooter purchase. Get your new scooter as (with the Trade Up discount applied) as early as tomorrow with our next day express shipping!

what scooters can I trade in and how much will i get?

We accept a large range of Pure Electric, Xiaomi Mi, and Ninebot Segway scooters. Select the 'Trade Up' button on the new scooter you want to see what models you can trade in for and the valuation price for you scooter.

how do I send back my old scooter?

Once your Trade Up order is complete you will be sent a free pre-paid shipping label for you to send your scooter to our inspection facility. If you don't have the original box, please use the new box that is for your new scooter. Note is is the customers responsibility to ensure that the scooter is safely packaged and arrives in a good condition.

how quickly do i need to send my scooter back?

Your scooter must be sent back within 30 days as stipulated in the Trade UP terms and conditions here.

what happens if i don't send back my scooter?

If you do not return your old scooter to Trade Up within the timelines stipulated, then unless you return your new scooter, you will be liable to pay a surcharge equal to the discount you received, which will be served via an invoice. If this is failed to be paid then you will be contacted via a debt collection agency. See more information in our terms and conditions here.

what happens if the scooter i send in doesn't meet the requirements?

If you attempt to trade in a scooter which doesn’t meet the requirements we have specified, or that doesn't match the condition standard that you have declared, you will have to pay a surcharge. Please see the Terms & Conditions for more details.

To read the full Trade-Up terms and conditions follow the
link here