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Full UK warranty
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  • The e-bike comes with the charger and key(s)

  • The e-bike has not been reported as lost or stolen, and you are the current and sole owner of the e-bike

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Frequently asked questions

  • What are the advantages of selling my e-bike with Moose?

    Selling a e-bike can be a stressful and difficult transaction. We want to change that for you! Our easy trade-in form combined with our e-bike experts allows us to pay you top money for your bike quickly, and provides you peace of mind. The care and time we put into each e-bike ensure we offer a superior pre-owned product to your e-bike’s next owner while making your transaction hassle-free.

  • What are the options for selling my e-bike?

    Your quote will include two options to sell your item...

    Store Credit: The best choice if you are looking to trade in your bike in exchange for another bike or product from Moose.

    Cash Offer: The simplest way to turn your item into cash. Please note: Your offer cannot be split across offer types, nor can it be changed once your item has been received.

  • How and when is payment provided?

    Once your bike or item arrives at our facility and our intake mechanics have inspected it and cleared it for damage, your payment will be sent to you. Typically this takes 3 business days.

    Store credit: Discounts redeemable at Moose are issued within two business days of item arrival and inspection. However, we understand you may want to buy and sell at the same time because we have limited quantities and sizes in stock. In this case, please purchase the bike you want right away. Once we receive and inspect your trade-in item, we will issue your store credit. Please contact our customer service team at help@moose.co to have your store credit applied to a purchase made in the prior two weeks.

    Cash Offer: Cash offers are paid via Bank transfers. Bank Transfers are sent directly to your account. Payment will be issued within three business days of item arrival and inspection. Please note: Store credit offers are not redeemable for cash value.

  • Who covers collections?

    In short, Moose does! See more details below.

    Store Credit: Your offer price includes the use of our collection services at no charge. Your bike is insured with our carrier, although any damages resulting from shipment will be reimbursed only if the bike was properly packaged and is at the sole discretion of our carrier. We are able to send a FREE bike box and packing if required. We strongly discourage the use of 3rd-party packing stations.

    Cash Offer: Your offer price includes the use of our collection service at no charge. Your bike is insured with our carrier, although any damages resulting from shipment will be reimbursed only if the bike was properly packaged and is at the sole discretion of our carrier. We are able to send a FREE bike box and packing if required We strongly discourage the use of 3rd-party packing stations.

  • Are upgrades taken into account in the offer?

    We use our experts to carefully inspect each bike submitted, component by component, allowing us to accurately assess a bike that may be worth more than a stock build. Rather than using an algorithm, this method ensures we can account for custom builds and expensive aftermarket upgrades. Please submit your bike in the configuration you wish to sell it so we can give you the most accurate offer.

  • Is the offer on my bike negotiable?

    No. Our team of expert buyers researches each submitted item individually and performs daily market analysis so we can initially put forward our best offer. We understand trying to get the most out of your submission, but we also must take into account our processing costs around collections. We strive to make the entire process of selling to us simple and stress-free.

  • What does moose look for during their inspection?

    Our trained mechanics are looking for issues that would deem the bicycle unsellable such as structural flaws in the frame or wheels or damage that affects carbon. We are less concerned with normal wear and tear.

  • Does the offer include small accessories such as pedals, cages, lights, etc?

    Moose will appraise your bike submission exactly as it is pictured. Before taking photos for your submission, ensure that you plan to sell all of the parts and accessories mounted to your bike. If you want to keep any of those items, remove them first. Our non-negotiable offer will be tailored to everything pictured on the bike in your submission.

  • Why does moose collect my information?

    We are a committed to making sure all our trade-in bikes are not stolen. Every bicycle we inspect is verified by the owner’s ID and bicycle serial number. Your information will be kept confidential and secure.