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Full UK warranty
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Get a price for your e-bike today in just a few simple steps. We just require you to provide a few images to get your valuation

  • Well-ridden e-bikes have 1000km+ of use. The e-bike functions just as it should but with moderate scratches & scuffs to the chassis
  • Good condition e-bikes have between 501-999km of use. These e-bikes have had moderate use with a fair few age-related marks throughout the e-bike
  • Excellent condition e-bikes have between 100-499km of use. The e-bike has small marks and scratches to the frame and chassis, and the tyres may have some slight wear
  • Like new condition e-bikes have between 0-99km of use. There is no damage or cosmetic issues and are presented as purchased.
Ownership confirmation form received

Electric bike ownership confirmation


hereby declare that I am the legal and rightful owner of the following electric bike:

I confirm that I have purchased this electric bike from a reputable retailer and that all payments have been made in full. I acknowledge that I have received the necessary paperwork and documentation for the electric bike, including any warranty information.

I understand that this electric bike is my property, and I am responsible for its maintenance, upkeep, and proper usage.

I declare that I have not sold, transferred, or given away the ownership of this electric bike to any other person or entity, and that I am the sole legal owner of this electric bike.

I hereby Trade Up Ltd. to store this information and use it for any necessary purposes related to my electric bike, and my trade-in request for my electric bike.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.

Your offer

This value is an estimate, your final price will be provided once one of our experts assess the e-bike based on its market value

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Regarding your valuation...
  • This is your initial offer. Your final price (which may vary) will be provided once we access the full details of your e-bike
  • Your offer is valid for 14 days only
Assumptions we have made about your e-bike
  • Your description and imagery match the condition of the e-bike we will receive
  • The e-bike comes with the charger + key(s)
  • The e-bike hasn’t been reported stolen, and you are the current and sole owner of the e-bike
Your offer

Our mechanics have reviewed your e-bike and provided a new offer

Please select your preferred option below to proceed with your trade-in:


Calculating your valuation...

Step 2. Get your free trade-in kit

Fill out the order form below to get your free e-bike trade-in kit. You will be able to schedule a pick-up when you receive your trade-in kit.

Your address information is solely used for sending your e-bike kit to you. We do not store your address anywhere else.
Your e-bike kit is on its way!

A trade-in guide will be provided with your kit - follow the instructions to schedule pick up for your e-bike. The trade-in kit will arrive within 1-2 working days.

If you have any questions or issues, please get in touch with our team via our live chat.

Next steps

We now have your e-scooter trade-in request. Follow the next steps to help us safely receive your e-scooter.

Step 2. Order your free trade-in kit

Simply use the link below to order your free trade-in kit to package up your old ride

Step 3. Arrange a free collection
Make sure you have followed step 2 first
  1. Follow the button below (first make sure you've ordered your box and your None is safely packaged)
  2. Enter your Order number for the box (e.g 10100) and your email address
  3. Choose 'Other' as a reason for return and 'Exchange', stating 'MOOSE TRADE-IN' as the reason
Arrange collection
Your trade-in is complete

If you chose Store Credit, you will receive an email with your discount code.

If you chose Cash, we will get in touch shortly to send your cash to your bank account.

Error getting your valuation

Unfortunately we ran into an error when calculating your valuation. We are working as quickly as possible to rectify this issue.

If you want us to get in touch regarding a valuation, please send an email to trade-in@moose.co with the following information:

  • E-bike make
  • E-bike model
  • Year of manufacture
  • Original RRP
  • Condition of e-bike (One of Like new, Excellent, Good, or Well ridden)
  • Your main contact number
  • Your main contact email
How to sell your e-bike in
3 simple steps

Step 1

Instant free valuation

Get your instant e-bike valuation in seconds.

Step 2

Free express shipping

We provide a shipping label so that you can send your e-bike to Moose for free.

Step 3

Cash or trade-in credit

We will buy your e-bike the same day it arrives.

Frequently asked questions

  • Selling a bike can be a stressful and difficult transaction. We want to change that for you! Our easy trade in form combined with our bike experts allows us to pay you top money for your bike quickly, and provides you peace of mind. The care and time we put into each bike ensure we offer a superior pre-owned product to your bike’s next owner while making your transaction hassle-free.

  • Your quote will include two options to sell your item:

    • Store credit: The best choice if you are looking to trade-in your e-bike in exchange for another e-bike from Moose, or any other Moose products.

    • Cash offer: The easiest way to turn your item into cash. Please note: your offer cannot be split across offer types, nor can it be changed once your item has been received

  • Once your e-bike arrvives at our facility, our expert mechanics will inspect it and clear it for damage. Your payment will then be sent over to you following this process. This process typically takes 3 business days.

    • Store credit: Discounts redeemable at Moose are issued within two business days of item arrival and inspection. However, we understand you may not want to buy and sell at the same time because we have limited quantities of stock. In this case, please purchase the e-bike or product you want right away, and once we receive and inspect your e-bike, we will issue your store credit against this order. Please contact our customer support team at help@moose.co to have your store credit applied to a purchase made in the prior two weeks.

    • Cash offer: Cash offers are paid via bank transfers. Bank transfers are s ent directly to your account. Payment will be issued within three business days of arrival of your e-bike and inspection. Please note: store credit offers are not redeemable for cash value.

  • In short, Moose does! See more details below:

    • Store credit: Your offer price includes the use of our collection services at no charge. Your e-bike is insured with our carrier, although any damages resulting from shipment will be reimbursed only if the e-bike was properly packaged and is at the sole discretion of our carrier. We are able to send a free e-bike box and packing if required. We strongly discourage the use of third-party packing stations.

    • Cash offer: Your offer price includes the use of our collection service at no extra charge. Your e-bike is insured with our carrier, although any daamges resulting from shipment will be reimbursed only if the e-bike was properly packaged and is at the sole discretion of our carrier. We are able to send a free e-bike box and packaging if required. We strongly discourage the use of third-party packing stations.

  • We use our experts to carefully inspect each e-bike submitted on a component-by-component basis. This allows us to accurately assess an e-bike that may be worth more than a stock build. Rather than using an algorithm, this method ensures we can account for custom-builds and expensive after-market upgrades. Please submit your e-bike in the state that you wish to sell it in so we can give you the most accurate offer.

  • No. Our team of expert buyers research each submitted item indivudally and perform daily market analysis - this allows us to put forward our best offer. We understand trying to get the most out of your submission, but we must consider our processing costs around inspections and collections. We strive to make the entire process of selling to us simple and stress-free.

  • Our expert mechanics are looking for issues that would deem the e-bike unsellable, including structural flaws in the frame or wheels, or damage that affects carbon. We are less concerned with normal wear-and-tear.

  • Moose will appraise your e-bike submission exactly as it is pictured. Before taking pictures for youe submission, ensure that you plan to sell all of the parts and accessories mounted on your e-bike. If you want to keep any of those items, you must remove them first. Our non-negotiable offer will be tailored to everything pictured on thee-bike in your submission.

  • At Moose, we are committed to ensuring all of our trade-in e-bikes are not stolen. Every e-bkie we inspect is verified by the owner's ID, and a proof of ownership document. If you are not able to provide a proof of ownership document, then we will provide you with a form that states you are the current and sole owner of the e-bike in question. Your information will be kept confidential and secure. We hold your data temporarily for a maximum period of one year. If your trade-in reaches a "complete" state before this time period (i.e. whether you receive your store credit/cash offer, or if you decide to opt-out), we will securely and safely destroy any references we have stored to your personal information (for example, your ID).

Electric bikes bring freedom no other transport can offer. Just like a normal bike they provide thrills combined with the practicality of an essential transportation vehicle. Electrification transforms the bike meaning that you have assisted power for wherever you go, be it cycling through town or mountain biking up peaks. The electric power provides a subtle but impactful boost, avoiding the need to arrive at your workplace drenched in sweat, or allowing you to hit the trails all day long without as much fatigue.

Where to sell my electric bike

There are plenty of used marketplaces out there such as eBay and Facebook that offer a good range of options to sell your e-bike. However, they are fraught with potential fraud with tyre kickers, time wasters, and dodgy transactions, which could take months of back and forth. We offer a simple no-haggle quote for your electric bike so you can realise the true market value of your bike. We then pick your bike up from you free of charge with a collection from your home. Don’t get conned through selling on dodgy marketplaces or have people turning up at your house trying to lowball you!

How to sell my electric bike with Moose

We make selling your e-bike simple. Just complete our trade-in form to receive an instant valuation for your electric bike today. If you would like to proceed, you just need to send us a couple of pictures of your bike and select ‘complete trade-in’. We then send you a box and arrange a free collection from your house to pick your bike up meaning you don’t need to do anything at all.

Electric bike trade-in or cash payment

When your bike arrives at our workshop, we will give it a quick inspection to check it over and then offer you a cash payment on the same day! We also offer a fantastic trade-in price if you wish to upgrade your e-bike to an electric bike we have for sale on Moose.

What kinds of electric bikes can I trade in?

We accept all main bike manufacturers' bikes offering a huge range of options. We can’t accept all bike brands, however, due to some of the unknown and very small brands not having readily accessible spare parts and therefore won’t be able to be fixed if anything goes wrong

So what’s the catch?

There’s no catch! We want it to be as easy and quick as possible for you to sell or upgrade your electric bike, so you can buy and sell as easily as you can get around. We do perform some checks on your electric bikes when we receive it, and if it isn’t in the condition you specified you may be required to pay a surcharge. If you’d like a safe, easy and great value way to sell or trade-in your electric bike, without the hassle of trying to sell it privately, then come to Moose. We’re open, honest, friendly, and experienced, and we’ll always give you a good deal or a fair price.