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Up to 12 months warranty
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What are the advantages of selling a bike through Moose?

What are the options for selling my bike?

How and when is payment provided?

who covers collections?

Are upgrades taken into account in the offer?

Is the offer on my bike negotiable?

What does Moose look for during their inspection?

Does the offer include small accessories such as pedals, cages, lights, etc?

Why does Moose collect my ID information?

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We love the ease and simplicity of an electric bicycle, but is there anywhere I can sell my electric bike securely while being sure of getting a good deal? Well now there is! Forget about all the effort of selling privately or taking bottom dollar from an unscrupulous bike shop and come direct to us! Not only is the process simple and quick, it’s also fair and transparent. So how does this amazing process work? Let’s take a look!

Where to sell my electric bike
Selling your electric bike on social media. I bet you’re already exhausted, aren’t you? All that quibbling and negotiating, the haggling and harassing, the tyre kickers and bell ringers taking up your time and patience with nothing to show for it. Well, forget about them, because at Moose our system is the opposite. All you need to do is send us two images and give us some basic details about your ebike, and we’ll come back to you with an offer in as little as 24 hours!

Can you value my electric bike?
We absolutely can. Within 24 hours we’ll come back with an offer, no pressure, and no gimmicks, and it’s up to you if you want to be paid in cash or if you want to take credit on a new electric bike purchase instead – so you can upgrade your wheels and get back on the road in no time. We’re experts in electric bikes and electric scooters and we refurbish all kinds of makes and models, so we’ll give you an honest and fair valuation,

Electric Bike sell/trade in service
If you accept our offer for your electric bike, we’ll arrange a free home collection can send us your electric bike absolutely free! We’ll do a few checks to make sure it matches your description, but once it’s been accepted you can receive an instant cash payment. If you decide to trade in your electric bike for a new one you don’t even have to wait, you can use the value of your ebike as a discount of your next one straight away.

Use the electric cycle exchange
At Moose we are the electric experts, because we’ve got experience buying, selling and refurbishing some of the biggest and smallest brand names in ebikes and escooters. That means we take a huge range of models and makes including Watt Mobility, Vitesse, Superior E and Raleigh, and you can easily find out via the online system whether or not your model is available to exchange.

So what’s the catch?
There’s no catch! We want it to be as easy and quick as possible for you to sell or upgrade your electric bike, so you can buy and sell as easily as you can get around. We check your electric bicycle when we receive it, and if it doesn’t match the details you provided then you may be required to pay a fee. If you’re interested in using the fastest, fairest, and easiest ebike trade-in service around, then you’ve come to the right place. At Moose we have a reputation for fairness and honesty, we’ll tell it to you straight, and we won’t short change you. If you’re fed up with social media rip-offs and dodgy sales tactics elsewhere, we’ve got a better way to sell your electric bike.