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Electric Bike Buyers Guide

Electric Bike Buyers Guide

E-Bike Buyers Guide

Do you fancy a healthier and easier commute to work? Or do you want to get an extra boost for those pesky hills? Whatever your needs, an electric bike is the perfect solution.

E-bikes are more popular than ever, and it's easy to see why. Practical and a lot of fun to ride, they can help you ride without limits. There are now electric bikes available in every shape, size and style – so there's sure to be an option for your requirements.

What is an electric bike?

With an electric bike, you get all the fantastic features of a regular bike, with the bonus of a motor to help assist and power you along.

This motor is coupled with a battery that assists you as you ride, taking some of the strain off those steep hills. The electric boost will only be presented when pedalling, so your legs are still getting their workout! With various assistance levels available, it's entirely up to you how hard or easy each ride should be - whether it's an effortless commute or an intense workout session.

From folding bikes to road bikes, e-bikes now come in every shape and size, so there is sure to be the perfect option for your needs!

Electric Bike Guide

Why choose an e-bike?

With so many benefits, it's not astonishing that the e-bike trend is gaining popularity. If you're still on the fence about getting an electric bicycle for yourself, here are a few reasons to help change your mind:

  •  Environmentally Friendly - Most major cities in the UK now have clean air zones (CAZ) to help combat climate change, which means more charges for driving a car. However, e-bikes release zero emissions and a great solution for those who want to avoid going through these zones and reduce their carbon footprint.

  •  Enjoy a Workout - Owning an e-bike isn't "cheating", as some might think; it simply provides assistance when you are actively pedaling. If you're looking for more of a workout, then turn the assistance level down to a lower setting. This way, you can ensure that your ride is enjoyable and efficiently beneficial!

  • Commuting Made Easier - Congestion is a major problem in most cities in the UK; however, this is different if you're on an e-bike. An e-bike is often quicker than a car for inner-city commuting. You can take advantage of cycle networks and choose quieter roads away from the traffic.

  • Long Range - You won't need to worry about range, as most e-bikes can provide assistance for up to 40 miles—more than enough for most riders. You'll likely find that you can ride farther on your e-bike than on a regular bike.

  • Make Big Savings - Be aware of the price tag - e-bikes are more affordable than you may realize. After a one-time purchase, charging an e-bike is far cheaper than filling up your car with fuel. Moreover, Moose offers flexible financing options to make purchasing your electric bike manageable and accessible for everyone.

Choosing The Right e-Bike

E-bikes have many amazing benefits, but how do you choose the best one for you? Here are the available types and other factors to consider:

Electric Hybrid Bike
Raleigh Electric Hybrid Bike

Hybrid bikes bring together the best qualities of a mountain bike and road bike, making them an ideal choice for adventurous rides, tough commutes, or leisurely touring. With flat handlebars, knobby tires, mudguards and racks included in their design, you truly get the best of both worlds!

Are you looking for a bike suited to handle multiple types of rides? Look no further. This all-in-one model is great for commutes and off-road paths, making it easily one of the most versatile bikes available today in well-known brands such as Raleigh

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Electric Mountain Bike
Haibike Electric Mountain Bike

Electric mountain bikes are revolutionizing the possibilities of off-road exploration. With a powerful motor and a rechargeable battery, riders can conquer higher hills and more challenging obstacles than ever! By combining the best features of both traditional bicycles and motorcycles, electric mountain bikes give adventurers an entirely new way to experience every journey.

Here at Moose, you'll find electric mountain bikes from trusted brands such as Haibike and Lapierre, which are built for the toughest trails and tallest mountains.

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Electric Road Bike
Giant Electric Road Bike

An electric road bike is an e-bike with drop handlebars with the motor and battery that are concealed inside the frame. The idea is that they look more-or-less like regular road bikes, but can give you assistance on steep inclines.

Electric road bikes are for anyone who wants a light, fast bike that'll help them get up hills that would otherwise be a problem. You might be coming back from injury or illness, or you might be an older rider who wants to carry on riding with their club.

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Electric Folding Bike


Brompton Electric Folding Bike

Electric folding bikes are straightforward to use; they can be put away in a flash wherever you go - be it the train, your office desk or even a restaurant table. Moreover, their hassle-free foldability means you'll have plenty of time for other activities!

Folding e-bikes are the optimal solution for urban areas, thanks to their small wheels and superior speed. With agility that rivals most folding bikes, these electric bicycles make navigating busy city streets a breeze. Get ready to zoom ahead of traffic on your next commute!

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Once you have decided which type of bike is best, you need to consider its range. This can vary from 20 to over 100 miles, so choose a bike that will be practical for the amount of riding you will be doing. Get a bike with plenty of range- you'll be hooked! Your new e-bike will likely have you riding longer and further than ever, so get one with enough battery power for those epic journeys.

Drive Systems

Central-drive Motors

Central-drive motors sit on the bottom bracket, where the pedals attach to the frame. All power is directed through the entire crankset, so powered cycling feels more natural. Additionally, the motor's weight is close to the rider's centre of gravity, making its power delivery more organic and easy to control.

Central-drive motors are essential to many mid-range and high-end bikes, including some electric mountain bike models. This technology allows riders to enjoy a smoother ride with more power, making it ideal for those seeking the ultimate biking experience.

Front hub Motors

Front hub motors fit onto the front wheel and are often fitted to entry-level e-bikes. A front hub motor will efficiently power you along.

Rear hub Motors

Rear hub motors are fitted to the rear wheel rim, delivering more traction than front hub motors and generating a more secure feeling while riding. Furthermore, they are designed to interact better with your gears and chain.

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Why buy an e-Bike through Moose?

At Moose, we take your decision to buy an e-bike seriously. That's why we strive to support you throughout the process—from helping you find the perfect bike that suits your requirements to post-purchase care and maintenance advice. Here is what sets us apart from other providers:

  • Interest-free Credit Available for All e-Bikes - Want to spread the cost of your new electric bike? No problem! Buying an electric bike has never been more affordable. Our handy, interest-free credit options allow you to spread the cost of an e-bike.

  • Free Build - For all our e-bikes, we have built the bike for you – free of charge!

  • Warranty - Every bike sold through Moose comes with a 12-month warranty on the frame. So, you'll know that you're covered if anything goes wrong. You can learn more here.

  • Expert Advice & Guidance - We are committed to helping you on life's journeys here at Moose. Our knowledgeable e-bike specialists will assist you in setting up and embarking on adventures with your E-Bike. With our support, nothing can hold you back!

UK Electric Bike Legality

e-Bike Legality

E-bikes are legally referred to as "electrically assisted pedal cycles" or "EAPCs" under EU law EN15194.

Your e-bike falls in this category if:

  1. The e-bike is powered by pedaling and not just a battery and motor.
  2. The electric motor will only assist you if you travel up to 15.5mph.
  3. The power output doesn't exceed 250w (not to be confused with watt-hours)

If your e-bike meets these requirements, you can legally ride it on the roads. All e-bikes sold at Moose are lawfully safe to ride on the roads unless stated otherwise.

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If the e-bike you are looking at exceeds these regulations—for example, it has a motor over 250 watts or provides assistance above 15.5 mph—then you will need to register it as a motor vehicle, tax it, and insure it. You will also need a driver's license to ride it and to wear a full-face helmet!

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