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Refurbished Electric Bikes

Our range includes a variety of bikes ranging from hybrid electric commuters for hitting the streets, to off-road electric mountain bikes for owning the trails. 
Go much further with electric road bikes that provide you with extra range, or go portable with a folding electric bike to save on space 

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electric bikes

A regular push-bike can be a great way to get around if you’re feeling fit, and you don’t mind getting up early for the commute, but electric bikes have been taking the world by storm as an easier alternative that’s still healthy and low carbon. Bridging the gap between pedal power and motorised transport, e bikes can get you from A to B in record time without you breaking a sweat, or they can give you that much-needed extra power on tough terrain. With models of all kinds available to suit your lifestyle, from electric mountain bikes to folding electric bikes for commuters, at Moose we have a fantastic, refurbished range that’s guaranteed to give you what you need at an excellent price.

Low carbon convenience
Sure, bicycles are already low carbon, but you have to put up with a lot of annoyance to unlock the benefits. Your range is limited by your fitness, it’s not always practical when you’re in a rush, and you might need a shower when you arrive at your destination. With ebikes you can grab most of the benefits, but without any of the downsides! The electric motor assist means you’ll be able to travel at top speed the whole way, you’ll be able to tackle hills and difficult terrain with ease, and you’ll be much more presentable when you get where you need to be.

Good for you and your wallet
While it’s true that an electric bicycle isn’t as much effort as a manual one, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great workout. Being able to travel for longer means that you’ll burn out less quickly and you’ll be able to work those muscles for longer. It’s also not a bad idea for your wallet either, in comparison to commuting by car or ICE scooter, and can save you hundreds of pounds a month on fuel alone.

Exceptional deals you can trust
At Moose we have loads of refurbished electric bikes for sale, and we aren’t interested in giving you the usual sales talk, so we just give our honest opinion on how each one rides. Every single electronic bike we sell has been refurbished though an extensive quality control process so you know you can trust it, and you can still pay our famously low price safe in the knowledge that we’ve been fair and upfront with you. 

Electric bike brands you can trust:

Pure Electric: Relatively new on the scene, but coming from one of the UK’s top electric scooter retailers, they’re a brand you can trust. The Pure Flux electric bike offers simple, good performance at a great price, making it an excellent starter ebike or a solid commuter in cities.

Scott: Scott ebikes are known for great all-round performance in the electric mountain bike circuit, while also being more accessible than some of the more expensive options. The Scott Ransom eRide in particular is competent in most situations and unusually comfortable for its class, perfect for all but the most specialised of uses.

Super 73: The Super73 range is certainly distinctive looking, with their Chopper-inspired cruiser style and wide banana seat. Their general ease of use and low price point make them perfect for beginners and casual users, in particular the Super73 ZG electric bike, which also boasts a pretty impressive range of more than 45km in eco mode.

Mate Bike: Mate electric bikes began as a Crowdfunding project, and it’s easy to see in their range, which is created by bikers, for bikers. Their top models like the Mate X ebike are all-rounders, with plenty of extra toys and gadgets for urban cruisers but with decent performance off-road as well. Their lower price point is also a good reason to check them out!

Vanmoof: You won’t be going off-road on one, but if you want to look great and travel with ease in a city, there’s no better way than on a Vanmoof ebike. Stylish and sleek with excellent paint and a host of gadgets designed to make the commute easy and comfortable, it really is like riding on a cloud. Plus, any commuting problem you can imagine, the Vanmoof S3 has a solution.

Montague: Montague electric bikes are known as a high end ebike company, and you know that you’re going to get high quality and an excellent build from Montague bikes even if you have to pay for it at the till. Every element of all their models is consistently made to a high standard and boast some great innovations, like the folding Montague Paratrooper that feels full size.

WattBike: Watt Bike is a German brand known for its pared back simplicity, and while you may not get many toys with their models, they are the perfect starter e-bike for A to B urban commuters. Watt electric bikes look great with a sleek, polished and vintage design, and with most of the electrics hidden in the body, it’s hard to even tell they’re electric at first glance.